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President: R.M. Fisher

Past President: D.J. Morris

1st Vice President: J. Perkins

2nd Vice President: L. Westgate

Secretary Treasurer: T. MacPherson

Acting Treasurer: C. Delory

Board of Governors: J. MacLean

Board of Governors: K. Bell


Attendance: D. Couper

Telephone: D. Couper

Chapter Bulletin: M. D. Purcell

Membership: A. Irwin

Programme: P. Forrest

Publicity & PR: G. Himmelman

Reception: A. Brown

Special Events: J. Waldron

CRC Conference: J. MacLean

CRC Delegate: R. M. Fisher

Alternate: J. Perkins

Extension: G. Cross

Finance: T. MacPherson

Joint Meetings: L. Single

Legislative: L. Ward

Manpower Development: G.B. Weld

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