hello & welcome!
hi!  howdy!  hola!  ciao!  hallo!

hello friends!  i am terribly indecisive (and not even a middle child!) and never know how to fill out the "website" entry on all the wondeful blogs i read.  so i'll let you choose:


ashpags knits - mostly about knitting, occasionally about life as a grad student in south louisiana.  lots of pictures and details about what i'm working on.

love from texas! - a blog i started back when i lived in the great state of texas, it's become a place for me to keep track of all the things i'm learning about the fancy camera i got last may.  check out the pictures and maybe you'll pick up some good tips.

flickr me - if you just want pretty pictures.

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i hope you enjoy.  please feel free to leave questions, comments, suggestions, etc., at any of those sites.  or you can email me at ashpags06 AT gmail DOT com, replacing the AT and DOT with the respective symbols.