I am a Research Director at the University of Chicago Crime Lab


Working/Published Papers

Targeted Interventions for High-Risk Domestic Violence Victims with Xander Beberman, Zubin Jelveh, and Ashley Motta
Coverage: Probable Causation, The Niskanen Center (35:30)

Release from Prison, Parole, and Mortality

Juvenile Crime and Under-Recording

Policing Substance Use: Chicago's Treatment Program for Narcotics Arrests with Panka Bencsik
Coverage: Chicago Sun Times, The Crime Report, Better Government Association, Probable Causation, The Niskanen Center (45:20), City of Chicago, NewsNation, WTTW, California Law Revision Commission

Juvenile Crime and Anticipated Punishment
American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 2023
Coverage: The Crime Report

Election by Community Consensus: Effects on Political Selection and Governance
The Review of Economics and Statistics, 2022
Coverage: Ideas For India

Pure-Chance Jobs vs. A Labor Market: The Impact on Careers of a Random Serial Dictatorship for First Job Seekers with Len Goff and Jonas Hjort
American Economic Association Papers & Proceedings, 2021


Domestic Violence and Pre-Trial Detention
with Erick Andrade, Zubin Jelveh, and Melissa McNeill

Too Tough on Crime? The Impact of Prosecutor Politics on Incarceration
Coverage: Marginal Revolution

Can a Rehabilitative Approach to Incarceration Work in the U.S.? Experimental Evidence from Illinois with Ben Feigenberg

The Impact of Free Communication Technology in Prison with Nour Abdul-Razzak, Panka Bencsik, and Omair Gill

Popular Writing

Chicago Program Aims to Reduce Substance Use -- Without Punishment with Panka Bencsik, Chicago Tribune, December 2022

Is Electronic Monitoring Contributing to Gun Violence? Here's a Look at the Data with Jens Ludwig, Chicago Tribune, May 2022
Coverage: The Intercept