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Important contributors to Southern Neolithic research, with links when available.

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  • Allchin, F. Raymond. &
    Allchin, Bridget
    They surveyed in Raichur Doab in 1950s (Allchin 1954, PhD, SOAS). Excavations at Piklihal and Utnur. First synthetic overview and chronology in The Birth of Civilization in India and Pakistan (1968). Co-founders of the Ancient India & Iran Trust, Cambridge
  • Ansari, Z.D.
    formerly of Deccan College, Pune: co-directed excavations at Sannarachamma (Sanganakallu) and Tekkalakota in 1960s.
  • Bauer, Radhika L.
    Completed a PhD at University of Pennsylvania in 2006 on archaeozoology of South India, focused on the Iron Age
  • Boivin, Nicole
    Co-director of the Bellary Distract Archaeological Project. Author of several research papers, including rock art, lithics, landscape and dating.
  • Brumm, Adam.
    An Australisn based scholar who has carried out lithic studies as part of the Bellary Distract Archaeological Project.
  • Foote, Robert Bruce
    19th century geologist who explored and map the Bellary Distirct geology and adjacent parts of the Madras Presidency. Was the first scholar to report Neolithic sites in the region. He also was the first propose the ashmounds represented Neolithic sites of cattle pens where cattle dung had accumulated and burned.
  • Fuller, Dorian Q
    Co-director of the Bellary Distract Archaeological Project. Author of several research papers, especially focusing on subsistence and archaeobotany. Lecturer in Archaeobotany at University College London
  • Joglekar, Pramod P.
    Lecturer in archaeozoology at Deccan College Pune. He has purused numerous archaezoological studies on the Southern Neolithic, including bones from Banahalli and Budihal.
  • Johansen, Peter
    Based at the University of Chicago, author of a major article on ashmounds in 2004 in Journal of Anthropological Archaeology.
  • Kajale, Mukund D.
    Professor of Palaeobotany at Deccan College, Pune, who has worked on plant remains of numerous Indian sites, including southern Neolithic sites such as Hallur and Budihal.
  • Korisettar, Ravi
    Professor of Archaeology at Karnatak University, Dharwad; Co-director of the Bellary Distract Archaeological Project. Co-author of several research papers on the Southern Neolithic and editor of the Indian Archaeology in Retrospect books (4 volumes). Has also contributed extensively on the palaeolithic of India.
  • Murty, M. L. K.
    Retired director of the Centre for Regional Studies at the Unversity of Hyderabad, He conducted extensive research on the prehistory and protohistory as well as ethnography of parts of Andhra Pradesh, especially Kurnool Distrct.
  • Nagaraja Rao, M. S.
    Retired director general of the Archaeological Survey of India and prior to that at the Karnataka State directorate of Archaeology and Museums, educated at Deccan College. COndicted important survey in the 1960s in the Upper Tungabhadra region and excavations at Tekkalakota, Sannarachamma and Hallur.
  • Paddayya, K.
    Professor and director of Deccan College, Pune. Has made lifelong contributions to the study of the Southern Neolithic, including important survey and excavations in the Shorapur Doab, as at Kodekal and Budihal. Author of the book
    Investigations into the Neolithic Culture of the Shorapur Doab, South India  (1973) and numerous papers. Has also made major contrrinbution on the Palaeolithic and archaeological theory.
  • Petraglia, Mike
    Co-director of the Bellary Distract Archaeological Project. Has directed important lithic analyses. He has also made extensive contributions of the Palaeolithic of India. Lecturer in Human Evolution at Cambridge.
  • Rami Reddy, V.
    Carried out field survey in the 1960s in Anatapur District and excavated at the ashmound site of Palavoy.
  • Sankalia, H. D.
    The founding archaeology professor at Deccan College, Pune, who worked and encourgaed work extensively in Indian prehistory and protoshistory, including on the Southern Neolithic.
  • Subbarao, B
    The first modern archaeologist to excavate and publish on the Sanganakallu-Kupgal area sites of Bellary District, and the founding professor of archaeology at MS University Baroda.
  • Sundara, A.
    Retired professor of Archaeology of Karnatak University. Extensively explored several districts of northern Karnataka from the 1960s to 1980s, with a particular focus on ashmounds, rock art and megaliths.
  • Venkatasubbaiah, P. C.
    Lecturer at Telegu University. Completed a major survey of Cuddapah District at part of his PhD (1992) and subsequently explored Neolithic sites in Kurnool.  A collaborator in the
    Bellary Distract Archaeological Project since its inception and co-author of several papers.
  • Walimbe, S. R.
    Professor of physical anthropology/osteoarchaeology at Deccan college, Pune, who has worked on most of the available skeletal material from the Southern Neolithic
  • Wheeler, Mortimer
    Last director of the Archaeological Survey of India under British rule. His excavations at Brahmagiri laid the foundations of the relative chronological sequence from the Neolithic to Early Historic period. Subsequently director of the Institute of Archaeology in London.