HTML Tutorial

These days, most image websites give you easy to follow directions on how to post a picture to your Myspace or other blog.  Sometimes, though, you are browsing a website that isn't meant for that, and you see a graphic that you just have to grab.  I'm not here to talk about the moralities of stealing pictures, but I will share with you a few simple ways to master the basics of HTML. 

When you see a picture that you like, assuming it does not already display the correct "hot-link" HTML (a term that means you can link to it from that site's server, and you do not actually have to download it yourself), it is very simple to save the picture for reposting elsewhere.

Note that all of my screenshots and instructions are for Mozilla Firefox, but will look somewhat similar in Internet Explorer.

There are two ways to do this. Most websites prefer you do it this way:

Right click on the picture and select "Save Image As" or "Save Picture As" (shown above). Next, a box will appear like this:

The first red circle at the top is where you will save your image to on your computer. I like the Desktop because it's easy to find. The second red circle is what you want your file name to be. Both are completely up to you.

That's all you need to do if you only want to save it to your computer, but if you want to upload it to the internet, you will want to upload it to somewhere like or

When you have set up your account (which is free), you are automatically taken to the upload page. Click "Browse" and find the picture on your computer.

When the picture is through uploading, you will be provided links to it. Most hosting sites automatically give you the code for posting to forums or Myspace accounts. You can use that, or you can find the Direct Link and use simple HTML to post your picture.

And your picture will be posted! If you want your picture as a link that can click through to a website, use this:

Your other option, which I do NOT recommend, eliminates you actually saving and uploading the picture. You can right click on a picture that you like, and "Copy Image Location". (In Internet Explorer, you will right click on the image and select "Properties", then copy the address in the "Address: URL" section.)

You would then use the same HTML to insert it into your website, blog, forum, Myspace, or whatever else you would like to use. WEBSITES DO NOT LIKE THIS! They CAN track these! Most of the time they will remove the picture and then you will have lost it all. It's much better, even though it adds an extra step, to save it to your own computer and your own server.