Pine tv table. Iron base dining tables. Black dining tables and chairs.

Pine Tv Table

pine tv table
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I am felted soap
I am felted soap
In this photo are a few bars of felted soaps. this does not include 2 of the first bars I made as they found a home in the shower all too soon after they were made. on the left is a bar of Lavender and pine sap soap, next is a bar of Eucalyptus and Bentonite clay, next is the same as the last, save it is Felted soap on a felted rope. next is pine tar soap, but also felted soap on a felted rope, next is more Bentonite and Eucalyptus, and last is more pine sap and Lavender. How can I tell? why, by the smell of course ;-)
T.v. In the pines.
T.v. In the pines.
November 10 2011 Its not unushual to find things droped off in the pines, on the sides of ould roads. I know people who got lawn chaires and picknick tables that way. But this is the first time I've ever found a T.V.

pine tv table
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