Ashley Hutchings Illustrated
established 2002

The Mother of All Morris CD for a really great Christmas gift
Ashley Hutchings Illustrated 2
(coming soon)
Steeleye Span:
the Ashley Hutchings Years
our guide to one of Ashley's current projects, of which there are many.

a country tapestry

our celebration of
the most influential folk  album of all time 

the sights, the sounds'
the time and place
and the Ridgeriders Band 

a celebration of the tree
and its off-spring

a  record of the end of an era based on the Albion Country Band
our track by track guide to this Albion Dance Band record album
nature and human nature.
what's your relationship?
our website combination of the Human Nature and
The Wild Side Of Town albums.

the season seen through
different eyes and from
different points of view.
our celebration of the season with AH and the folks and friends

Caught Riding A Bicycle.....

With No Lights....more inside

Ashley Hutchings has done so much to preserve English folk music, dance, and traditions, and, by his work in schools, to get the next generation aware and interested in it. A founder member of Fairport Convention, Steeleye Span and the Albion Band, he also created and researched the Morris On project, which is helping to make more people aware and proud of a great and wonderful English song and dance tradition.

The music of Ashley Hutchings is a coming together of many types of music with one thing in common. Folk, Rock, Music Hall, the popular songs of the day (we don't mean today, by the way) and the one thing in common, is, that they are all English. It's what the composer  Ralph Vaughan Williams did all his working life, and it's what Ashley Hutchings has been doing all his working life, showing us that there is  something called English Music.

A Little Music or The Delights of Harmony

Music from other folks and folks you've met before.
Cecil Sharp, Ashley Hutchings, and
all the usual suspects
The life and music of
Ashley Hutchings,
a big box set of delights
where it all started
The greatest of them all
and still going strong.
40 Years Of Going Strong
Sandy Denny, her words,
her music, plus a piece
of film footage of Sandy
performing on BBC television . She and Ashley departed Fairport at about the same time

Shirley Collins and
The Albion Country Band. it was this album that kicked off the whole Albion Band experience
The long playing record. called by many the finest of all the Albion Band albums 
Some of Albion's cathedrals and the cities and towns in which they can be found. inspired by plus some music by the Albion Band

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