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family home furniture - Fisher-Price Loving
Fisher-Price Loving Family Beach Vacation Mobile Home
Fisher-Price Loving Family Beach Vacation Mobile Home
Fisher Price Loving Family Beach Vacation Mobile Home
The Loving Family Beach Vacation Mobile Home is a vehicle with an innovative take on classic dollhouse play which allows girls to imagine great adventures on the road. With a compact folding design that opens up to reveal a family room, kitchen, bathroom and hidden bedrooms for parents and children, little girls will have plenty of play! Accessories include a picnic table, two beach chairs, food play pieces, sand toys and a printed beach play surface which all fit inside for easy storage.
Product Measures: 5.25x20.75x9
Recommended Ages: 3 Years & Up

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Laptop, grandfather furniture, books to read
Laptop, grandfather furniture, books to read
Desktop image by zinnnia. Little table built by grandfather in a school shop class. Vintage damask tablecloth and corn-shaped ceramic tureen in background. Best viewed at largest size.
Furniture movers
Furniture movers
My mother and I, post-furniture-moving. (That's why we're both bright and shiny.) I took four of these pictures and in all of them, one or both of us is making a weird face. Sigh.

family home furniture