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canadian dining furniture
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canadian dining furniture - CR Plastic
CR Plastic Products 5 Piece Dining Set
CR Plastic Products 5 Piece Dining Set
Enjoy casual outdoor dining with comfortable and roomy seating for 4 people. Maintenance Free, will not rotEnvironmentally friendly materialAll Stainless Steel HardwareHeavy weight - stays put on patio, dock, or anywhereNo storage required; all season (waterproof)Color fast and strong UV pigment addedNever needs painting or refinishingNo splinters or sliversComfort you won't believeOptional Cushions: Simply drape the weighted end of the Headrest over the back of the chair or lounger and adjust it to comfortably support your head. That's it. One click and the lumbar support cushion is installed, providing comfortable back support.Cushions come in sets of 2Available in 15 colors (colors may vary due to recycled dye lots)

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Look what's on the back of the Builder! MKT 403
Look what's on the back of the Builder! MKT 403
The Missouri-Kansas-Texas 403 was originally built in 1913 and used as a chair car. In 1946, the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad (nicknamed The KATY), started a two-year rebuild of the car to install the wood interiors, bedrooms and stainless steel kitchen. The car was built specifically for the Vice President of The KATY Shops, Mr. Hy Warden. His photograph hangs next to the master stateroom door and is depicted in the painting above the sofa berth in the Observation Room. The four captain's chairs and dining room furniture are original. Presidents Truman, Johnson, Carter and Clinton have all been guests on the car, as well as Speaker of the House Sam Rayburn and many other notables. In 1988, the car was purchased by the Dr. John Marshall Family, and has been lovingly restored to its former beauty. The car is based in Orange Park, Florida.
Marx Oval Dining Table & Lowboy
Marx Oval Dining Table & Lowboy
While in a thrift store I found a bag filled with these pieces of Dollhouse Furniture. I knew I found something special but I was shocked when I was able to open the bag and find 7 Little Miss Deb by Marx pieces still in their original boxes! And a another piece not boxed.... I paid a whopping 3.99 for the bag. (Canadian dollars)

canadian dining furniture