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Bedroom Furniture Company

bedroom furniture company
    bedroom furniture
  • furniture intended for use in a bedroom
  • Furniture sets that are placed in your bedroom such as bed, dresser, chest of drawers and nightstand. Some bedroom collections even come with an armoire, chiffonier or storage chest. Depending on your preference, you may choose contemporary, traditional or transitional styled bedrooms.
  • Associate with; keep company with
  • small military unit; usually two or three platoons
  • be a companion to somebody
  • Accompany (someone)
  • an institution created to conduct business; "he only invests in large well-established companies"; "he started the company in his garage"

Bedroom Lavish Home Furnishings 1926
Bedroom  Lavish Home Furnishings 1926
'Opulent Bedroom Furniture' is a set of original trade publication promotional illustrations printed and published by The James Bayne Company of Grand Rapids Michigan in 1926. The fantastic furnishings are courtesy of The Berkley and Gay Furniture Company. A set of breathtaking pair Art Deco home furnishing lithos like these would have been the envy of any Flapper girl. This is a two sided illustration in wonderful smooth condition; done on heavy quality semi-gloss paper stock and features a gorgeously appointed bedroom. The edges and corners are nice and sharp. with almost no tanning to speak of at all; pretty amazing considering this good lookin' print is 85 years old! We should all look this sharp at 85.
Bedroom Furniture Set, circa 1920, made by Landstrom Furniture Company, Rockford, Illinois. Established 1879 Includes three complete single beds with side boards like the one shown, two night tables, one high dresser, one lower dresser with mirror and one dressing table (vanity).

bedroom furniture company