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Baby Doll Furniture Sets

baby doll furniture sets
    baby doll
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baby doll furniture sets - Wallmonkeys Peel
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Wallmonkeys Peel and Stick Wall Decals - Little Toys - 24"W x 18"H Removable Graphic
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I'm kinda colorful.
I'm kinda colorful.
[the degradation of a space] I’m surrounded by junk, circled in by massive amounts of decorative uselessness. Everything that crowds this space I acquired for free, either I found it or stole it or made it or someone gave it to me. Garbage blends in with possessions, lists & lists of disposable things all suffocating one tall room. Threads, buttons, ribbons, beads, jars, teapots, candles, salt shakers, soda bottles, paperclips, records, coffee cans, suitcases, stuffed animals, dollhouse furniture, paper bags, lawn ornaments, candy, other people’s clothes, fake hair, markers, envelopes, plastic spiders, ceramic frogs, potted plants, small cups, lunchboxes, voodoo dolls, impossibly small mirrors, hair clips, marbles, wiggly eyes, shoeboxes, socks, paints, jewelry, sunglasses, yo-yo’s, clocks, stamps, wind-up mice, jacks, pencil toppers, matchbooks, clothespins...when I look around at all these things I can’t ignore the intentions I had for them once & the neglect I suffocated their potential with, guilt stares back at me from every inch of clutter, I close my eyes to it. Here is a museum of waste. I am the center of the showcase. My hair a gnarled mess, my clothes stained with months worth of awful adventures, perched on the corner of a dusty couch, decorated with sleeping cats & failed art projects. Papers landing awkwardly everywhere I look, like a tiny tornado tossed them up & down & side to side durring an invisible brainstorm, unorganized notes & ideas trampled under a million sets of dirty shoes. Dishes pile up on top of eachother in towers, they look like castles scattered across a waring countryside in clusters all over floors & surfaces, decomposing food congealing on empty plates & containers, a mixture of rotten smells contaminating the air I fall asleep breathing & wake up choking on. My blankets are cold, too soaked with filth to hold any warmth, I curl into myself & shiver through the night, tossing & turning & swatting at imaginary bugs making my skin itchy & stingy. Crumbs & lint feel like glass & wire. I wake up desperate & anxious, in a panic to clean myself & my dying living space. So unbeleivably overwhelmed by the work that’s cut out for me, I leave my bedroom before anything can be done for it. I don’t even open the curtains anymore. I escape through a hole in my fence, leading to the empty house next door. Most of my cats are already there. I catch my breath on the steps of the porch. I read the bizarre messages I left myself in my sleep, when I opened my eyes there was a pen in my hand, my arms covered in sentence fragments, my desperate subconcious lashing out. In all my recent nightmares there has been a trend: I frantically try to photograph the images of my subconcious adventures while I dream them, I am always disappointed when I wake up to realize I left the camera in my head. Every night I try to go back & recover it. I guess these chicken scrath scribbles on my skin are my reaction to that. I can only make out a few words, "baby powder, pacify’d, the saddest little pajamas in the world. Drink your pediasure it’s delicious." I wish I knew why that was so important. I sit on the neighbor’s steps & transfer these notes to paper. Dizzy. Annoyed. I give up, follow my cats through a second hole on the other end of the fence, to a second empty house. This one still has some furniture. The door is unlocked. It has the exact same floorplan as our house. Only it’s much more kept up. The floors are new hardwood. The bathrooms are marble. I walk to the bedroom in the back, identical to mine. Thouroughly evacuated. Completely empty. I sit in the middle of the open floor & listen to the echoey sounds of another vacant house. All the space & silence I need to think. If my house were abandoned.
Miniatures - FINISHED!
Miniatures - FINISHED!
I really rock sometimes, if I may say so. (I know, I don't suffer from modesty). I finished my initial round of miniatures for the Momoko kitchen. Mostly, they are what you saw in the work-in-progress shots, plus some random bits, like yogurt tubs made from toothpaste caps. YAY! It's just like old times in Russia, when I used to make everything for my dolls (except now I have Google, and Photoshop, and a good printer, and graphic design skillz ^_^ ) So. Who wants to know how I did these buggers? Ok. On the left we've got 3 tubs of yogurt. Labels came from tralling the Google. The lids were sort of winged - I took part of the side label and filled in where it needed it to make it into a circle. The templates were made by the age-old respected tradition of winging it. I was all set to remember my geometry, and even recalled a couple of formulas, and then I was like, oh, wtf, and wrapped a piece of paper around the cap, traced the borders, and scanned the sucker. Cans and jars came with the furniture set. I painted the tops and bottoms with silver for the cans, and the jars got golden lids. Labels are from the internet for the jars and the tomato cans. The canned fruit labels I designed in the best traditions of Re-Ment - instead of "Del Monte" the label reads "Ful Monte" ^_^ The soap thing came with the set. It used to be lavender ^_^ The bottles started out as dirty ivory. The dressing bottle started its life as a hard liquor from Gloria set. I decided to rehab it, because I feel that its shape is much better suited to be a dressing bottle.

baby doll furniture sets