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Screened Porch Furniture

screened porch furniture
    screened porch
  • These are great, since you'll have fewer mosquitoes than without the screens. As an added bonus, the screens blur the view of the cars parked on your neighbor's front lawn.
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  • Large movable equipment, such as tables and chairs, used to make a house, office, or other space suitable for living or working
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screened porch furniture - Garden Creations
Garden Creations JB5678 Outdoor 9-Foot Umbrella Table Screen, Black
Garden Creations JB5678 Outdoor 9-Foot Umbrella Table Screen, Black
Outdoor Umbrella Table Screen (for 9' Diameter Umbrellas) in BLACK Enjoy outdoor entertaining without pesky mosquitoes. Keep pests from bothering your outdoor fun. No more mosquito bites or flies nipping at your food. Enjoy the benefits of a screened porch for a fraction of the cost. Say goodbye to pesky mosquitoes, flies, bees, wasps and other flying insects. Fits patio umbrellas up to 9' in diameter. The screen mesh is BLACK. (White mesh screen is available in another listing). Features: Fully adjustable in diameter and height with drawstring top closure Large zippered entrance Bottom with built in water fillable tube keeps screen in place See thru mesh won't ruin your view Includes: 1 x Outdoor Umbrella Table Screen-BLACK (for 9' Diameter Umbrellas)

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Her and Him
Her and Him
This is prime real estate for watching the world go by, so this is Switzerland. Through this window and the front porch beyond, they patrol their domain. Of equal interest to both Sammy and Sophie are the neighborhood cats (we're lousy with them) that sit on the porch furniture and infuriate "moose & squirrel" inside.
screen porch
screen porch
I have two sleeping porches, but (because the neighborhood has changed in the last 85 years) there is no way anyone will ever be sleeping out there. It makes a great outdoor space though. vintage floral vinyl chairs thrifted this morning green table thrifted in january, but it was new in a Target box

screened porch furniture
screened porch furniture
On the Porch: Creating Your Place to Watch the World Go By
Porches are more popular than ever--they're great for adding curb appeal, welcoming friends and neighbors to your door, and creating a friendly outdoor living room. There's no better way to end a hot summer's day than to sit back with a tall frosty lemonade on your porch swing and watch the world go by!

A porch can change the way you live in your house--it can entirely change the way your house looks--it can change the way you relate to your neighborhood. There is, simply, something magical about a porch. It slows you down, it tells you to take some time, to read the paper, to sip a glass of iced tea, to watch the weather roll in.. For those dreaming of a front porch or those with porches in need of redesign, On the Porch will be their bible, the only book to cover the topic from porch types to planning and design, to tips on good construction, to maintenance and porch adornment (lighting, overhead fans, rockers, hanging plants, trellising). An important component of the book will be showing, using before and after photos, how adding a porch can entirely change the look of your home.

Architects James Crisp and Sandra Mahoney offer a complete design guide to porches, from considering the porch's function to choosing wood alternatives, lighting and finishing design touches. Some of their advice:
Before designing a porch, research zoning regulations, such as minimum setback from your property line and percentage of your property that can be covered with a structure.
Homeowners often make the mistake of allowing just enough space on the porch for furniture, without thinking about how much they'll move around it. Although it's possible to squeeze quite a few chairs around a table, guests will be more comfortable if they can pull them out, stand behind them and allow others to get by.
When debating the choice of a screen porch with an open-air porch, consider that a screened porch will dim the natural light inside your home. On an open-air porch, you will have to deal with bugs.
A porch doesn't have to look like it's from the 19th century. Modern porches are sleeker, taller and more open.
Add an extra design element to your wood flooring by laying the boards in creative ways, on the diagonal or in a geometric pattern.
Composites have entered the market as decking and have made the transition to trim pieces and boards, providing good weather-resistant material.