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Carolina Interiors Furniture

carolina interiors furniture
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carolina interiors furniture - Shopping for
Shopping for Furniture: A Consumer's Guide
Shopping for Furniture: A Consumer's Guide
Of critical interest to anyone considering a major furniture purchase, this guide seeks to make consumers experts on buying residential furniture. Focusing on informed purchasing and shopping for value, not simply price, it covers topics such as differentiating between two seemingly identical pieces of furniture at vastly different prices and recognizing the features comprising a quality piece of furniture. Open stock items, the differences between bona fide sale prices and everyday pricing, and discounters in North Carolina are addressed. Comparisons between several name brands are also provided.

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BeyondBlue Interior
BeyondBlue Interior
Modern. Sophisticated. Fresh. BeyondBlue's showroom features a soft modern look from designer brands featured in magazines. Currently have a more traditional look? Not a problem...they can help you mix traditional and modern to get a totally new style that reflects your personality. Going for something a little more contemporary? BeyondBlue also features cutting edge furniture and decor made in Italy, Brazil and Chile - mix it up! Let BeyondBlue help you create a comfortable space with a sense of style! Choose from a wide selection of unique furnishings available for immediate delivery - or create your own personal statement by choosing from over 350 fabrics and leathers. The designers can help you select from quality, eco-friendly, exclusive manufacturers like North Carolina's own Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams.
One of our Zulu baskets that we buy from a women's cooperative in South Africa, paired with the "groovy" texture of our Swirl coffee table...

carolina interiors furniture
carolina interiors furniture
Interiors: An Introduction is the starting point for a lifetime of design education, appreciation, and enjoyment. Whether the goal is a career in interior design, or simply a better understanding of how to enhance one's own living space, the information and ideas in this text will help readers achieve it.
Interiors offers an introduction to the elements, practice, and aesthetics of residential and nonresidential interior design, as well as their applications. In addition, the authors describe the numerous choices of materials, furnishings, and components used in interior design.