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The Living Room Furniture Store

the living room furniture store
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the living room furniture store - Mini Sound
Mini Sound Activation Starry Effects Laser Star Projector, Green & Red Lights, Laser Stage Lighting Especially Useful for Parties, Disco, Dances, Balls, Raves, Bars, Nightclubs, or Even Your Living Room
Mini Sound Activation Starry Effects Laser Star Projector, Green & Red Lights, Laser Stage Lighting Especially Useful for Parties, Disco, Dances, Balls, Raves, Bars, Nightclubs, or Even Your Living Room
After being connected with Power and switched on,The Red and Green Laser Will emit numbers of Stars, Which Make You Feel Like Walking in The Sky. The Effect of the stars can Rotate Automatically (Speed Adjustable). When being Switched to Voice Activated Mode (Controlled by The Music Speed and Volume), It will Give Users a Fantastic and Moving Atmosphere.

Voice Controlled Strobe: The Strobe Speed Is changeable with The Rhythm of Sound.
Constant On and Self-Propelled: Built-in Programs Runs automatically. The Transpositiona Speed of The Pattern or Meteor Shower Self-Propelled Strobe is Adjustable.
Strobe Runs By Itself: Built-in Programs Runs Automatically with Strobe, Strobe Speed is Adjustable.

Please Kindly Note:
This Laser Show Projector Is Not A Toy for Children And Should Only Be Used by Adults.
Don't use it for More Than 4 Hours Straight So As to Prolong The Life of The Lasers.

What's In The Box
1 * RED / Purple Laser Stage Lighting.
1 * Power Adapter (universal 100-240V).
1 * User Manual.
1 * Tripod.

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Living Room 1.0 (Beta)
Living Room 1.0 (Beta)
Our next big project is going to be new living room furniture. We've scoured stores, Craigslist, eBay and design publications looking for inspiration and deals. There are a few pieces we plan on keeping – the yellow chair, red table, lamp and most likely the coffee table – but we're looking for a new couch, a matching chair for the yellow, another matching set of chairs, and possibly a cat-friendly rug we both like. As for the a/v setup, we're currently using our iMac since we don't have cable. I'll be looking to either upfit that with a wireless keyboard and a converter so we can play the Wii and VCR on it, or get a bigger TV and a Mac Mini to power it.
my living room
my living room
mismatched and sparsely decorated, but we're slowly moving in. I plan to put two photo ledges in the big open space on the wall, then a few shelves on the walls against the windows. the tv is opposite the green couch on a half-wall (half length-wise, not height-wise). I'm uncertain we'll keep the coffee table and stools. everything except the end tables are hand-me-downs/thrift store find/craigslist find. the end tables were a clearance buy. we're so cheap FRUGAL!

the living room furniture store