Brown Livingroom Furniture

brown livingroom furniture
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brown livingroom furniture - Havana Living
Havana Living Room Sofa in Espresso Brown Color By
Havana Living Room Sofa in Espresso Brown Color By
Havana living room sofa in Espresso Brown color bycast leather match finish with soft coushions and padded arms for your extra comfort and grey silver legs. Streight lines and tight back are among the features that make up this very retro styled furniture. Dimension: 88"L X 37"W X 34 1/2"H Oversized item, will ship via Curbside Freight Trucking. The item will leave the warehouse within 0-2 business days. Please allow 10-14 day(s) time for delivery. Shipping cost includes oversize fees, shipping, and handling. Call AtHomeMart Customer Service at 1800-405-0447 for more information. Lowest factory direct price guarantee. Inside home delivery option is available now!

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I love Ikea. My tiny living room has so many doorways that there is only one possible place to put the TV, and one possible place to put the couch. My TV looked so pathetic sitting on its little Walmart TV stand, so this weekend I treated it to some brand new Ikea shelves! I even installed little spotlights!

Looks like, based on where I put that long shelf, I'll have to buy a bigger TV!
Sophisticated brown living room: Benjamin Moore 'Char Brown' + warm neutrals, from Elle Decor
Sophisticated brown living room: Benjamin Moore 'Char Brown' + warm neutrals, from Elle Decor
The family room of Ali Wentworth and George Stephanopoulos' Washington D.C. home. Walls are painted Char Brown by Benjamin Moore. New York sofas and Persian Gabbeh rug by Zollanvari, all from ABC Carpet & Home. Interior design by Elizabeth Martin. Photo by Simon Upton, Elle Decor, May 2009.

brown livingroom furniture