Our Home

While taking pictures for this page I have discovered that apparently we have
HORRIBLE lighting.  So I apologize for some of the really bad pics.

Everything is still a work in progress.  I am trying to figure out how to make stuff look good even though it's a rental. 
We really need to hang more stuff up on the walls.  (While trying not to make huge holes!!)


what you see when you walk in

looking back at the entry

UPDATE:  my new mirror is up!

there had to be an owl in my house :o)

Main Floor Half Bath
(sorry, nothing exciting yet!)

UPDATE:  I got some art and new towels... still not too exciting but definitely better!

Living / Dining Room

UPDATE:  new TV console, side table, photo on the wall

I love our TV console from ZGallerie!


Upstairs Hallway

we want to put a picture on the wall by the door, and then add maybe a small console table under it

UPDATE:  found a cute little table, but now I need to figure out what to do above it...

Guest Bath

this is where the cats live right now, so nothing exciting until they are big enough to keep their stuff in the storage area!

Guest Bedroom

Chris studies in here as well, so it is a little messy, but it works!

Master Bedroom

UPDATE:  hung some photos on the wall!

Master (ha! right...) Bath


also still a work in progress... we really need stuff on the walls!