From the Feb. 2nd, 2011 meeting. Scroll down to see comments from the Feb. 22nd, 2011 meeting.

  1. Toothpick trail is falling apart in places and is very narrow. Needs work.
  2. Trail leading to Reeder is person's favorite trail.
  3. Trail leading out of Reeder is person's second favorite trail.
  4. More bike friendly, DH (downhill) trails, maintenance
  5. Improvement of existing trails, addition of other trail, bike skills park, additional routes on lower trails into Lithia Park
  6. I appreciate the expressed understanding of my concern over hiking/biking conflict.  I hope this concern will continue to be addressed.
  7. Just expand east side of Fwy trails (?)
  8. Getting the word out: posters, e-mails, word of mouth of volunteer opportunities for trail work.  I would like to volunteer my time more.  I find it difficult to find out when these work parties are occurring.
  9. Address bikers, runners, hikers by saying “people who run, bike and hike.”  Address contour trails first i.e. along 2060.
  10. Better signage (directional).  Raise better awareness for trail users.  Get more people involved in trail maintenance.  Reach out to the “trail user” that aren’t in an organized “user group” and get them more involved.
  11. Signage, excessive speed by downhill mountain bikers, unauthorized trails spreading
  12. More bike trails, more organized build days, more fun, more races, more fun.
  13. Improve education and communication among various users.
  14. Would like to see the proposed ridgeline trail – Grouse Gap to Wagner Butte/Wagner Glade trails.  Interested in any hiking trail high in the Ashland Creek watershed.  Have done enough cross-country travel up there to know the steeply, slanting, big tree, open understory forest is spectacular.
  15. Separate bikes from other use.
  16. This is a great beginning. Thank you for your work.  My emphasis: more trails close town.
  17. Keep trails open to all users, design for specific users.
  18. I’m interested in these trails being made safe for equestrians as downhill bikers have increasingly limited our usage.
  19. Be aware, be alert, and be responsible for yourself.  Don’t get too stoned.
  20. Collaboration, education, multi-use.
  21. Increase visibility for hikers/bikers.  I’ve lived in Ashland since 1985.  All of the “new trails” are a treasure.  I can walk up to 2060 and on from my house in the RR district.  Love it!
  22. Concerns 1) trails becoming for profit ventures 2) Downhill brain-dead mountain bikers catching air without [being] able to see landing zone.
  23. I’m excited about developing the west side, particularly for mountain biking.
  24. Usage-oriented trail design is a great idea.  Signage to indicate recommended uses.
  25. Open up TID to connect to Talent and Wegner.  Running is my foremost interest.
  26. Keeping the construction natural.
  27. Like the plan, psyched for new trails, safety.
  28. Looks good.  NEPA sounds like a pain, bun unavoidable.  Also want to point out – Lithia Park is hikers-only including the “poison oak trails” above the park.  Oredson-Todd woods area has been closed to bikers except for one outlet.  Perhaps some biker-only trails are something to think about?
  29. Please don’t discount equestrian use.  I sue the watershed almost daily.  Mountain biking always yields a fun time.  Horseback riding is great too.  The suggestion I have is to eliminate confrontations of various users by establishing a trail conduct that takes into account the various vulnerabilities of any individual user.  Oh, also can you make more mountain bike trails sustainable for a non-downhiller above Four Corners?
  30. I love the idea of separating the bikers and hikers.  Mountain bikers can be intimidating!!
  31. Long time coming.  I would like to see a lower traversing trail that would easily be accessible from Lithia Park to extend the Lithia Trail network into the watershed.
  32. I used to use these trails more in years past.  They have no become too unsafe for me and my horse, dog or feet.
  33. Having more maps that show the various trails available.
  34. Fine ideas.  Like skills park idea and separation of users.
  35. The proposed trails look great!  Wish they were on the ground already.  I would love to see more cross country style trails – trails that would be fun to climb without so much downhill traffic.  I love to trail run in this area too – good X-country trails seem to make fun running trails.  Not all of us like to go straight up and straight down all the time.  It would be nice to see some trails that take advantage of the topography in a different way than most of the existing trails.  It would also be good to see more higher elevation trails.  The connection to Wagner is awesome (Holy Grail).  *Added my dream connection in black sharpie on the paper map in the south section.
  36. The Split Rock proposed trail and Chuck’s Chips connector would add great access for hikers/mountain bike reedier alike.  The Wagner Warp Loop would be exciting as well!
  37. I like the idea of encouraged use.  Signage.  Some way of educating population to trails etiquette.  I think the process you’re going through especially getting different user groups and experts (soils/wildlife) bikers, runners to walk the trails and give input to made changes appropriate.
  38. Trail signs, right of ways, maps, skills areas.
  39. More biking trails are vital to spread impact and variety.
  40. Make sure native flowers on banks are protected.
  41. I’m a Sierra Club leader and my biggest fear is leading a group and having a group or one biker running into us.  I would like to see trails just for hikers like Mike Uhtoff trails.  Excellent for hiking; no fear of bikes.  You are doing an excellent job.
  42. Work party incentive: Announce as far in advance as you can.  Remind when it’s closer (e-mail).  Offer an incentive: for X hours of work = gloves, hat, and other promotional swag.
  43. Toothpick has very serious narrow stretches which are dangerous.
  44. I have hiked from Saied Valley in California to Ashland and west down to the town via the Creek to Crest Route.  I would like to see this route maintained and advertised and eventually see an all trail option connecting Ashland with the Pacific Crest Trail.  When I came down the trail from the PCT to Ashland in 2006 I did encounter several racing bikers – I stood my ground and trusted to luck.  Hopefully this situation will be remedied.  Lots of erosion then from the bikers.  I hope this will be remedies.  Maybe it’s appropriate to have more bikers working on the trails – they seem to be doing the most damage.  Also, it would be great to have a system of trail marking and maps for winter X-country ski use.
  45. You have to separate the horses and the bikers.  The bikers go too fast and run into the horses who are also galloping.  Parking for horse trailers needs to be at the [swimming] reservoir which means we have to have separate trails from this point.
  46. Trails should be built for cross country biking and hiking.  Railroad ties used as stairs are extremely hard to hike on for those with knee issues.
  47. My primary concern is safety!  As an equestrian, the experience of riding on these trails has been pretty hairy at times.  Mountain bikers come out of nowhere at high speeds, spooking my horse and scaring me rather badly.  Most of us have stopped using the trail system due to fear of an accident cause by mountain bikers.  I have no problem if that’s the kind of sport they want to engage in.  I just do not want to be in their path.  It is a big loss for us riders, since the mountains are snow-covered during the winter months.
  48. Less signage: no “biker or hiker only” signs.
  49. Not considerate when bicyclists destroy the trails for their own benefit.
  50. Must deal with erosion.
  51. Provide a more hiker friendly access to vistas at the end of Alice in Wonderland to BTO and BTI.  This is City land and eliminates the longer Forest Service waiting.  We should put a statement together that explains this request to the proper authorities and do an e-mail lobby campaign.  (See Nathan Riddle for concept of the course.)  Thanks!More awareness needed by all users
  52. Make shuttle (mountain bike) companies enforce “smart riding” such as staying off trails when muddy, don’t shred up the trails unnecessarily.  Post signs on riding trails saying “do not ride when muddy; time to jog or take your dog for a walk.”  Keep multiple X-country trails to park or Tolman Creek so people can ride home without having to ride into down town.
  53. Trails rules for all users.  Marked trails.  One-way or directional trails if needed.

Written Comments Specific to South Trails
  1. Great Job. I especially want to see more moderate mountain bike trails, like Eastview or Alice
  2. Split Rock and Wagner Dream are high priorities in the south
  3. Mt Ashland to Wagner Butte--great idea. Can't wait to hike it!
  4. As a MTB enthusiast/hiker, I appreciate these multi-approached efforts. The Split Rock trail that is proposed would be magnificent!
  5. Forest Service needs to grade out washboard on Bull Gap Rd
  6. This area is too a mute (moot?) issue. We're fine riding the horses up here. Never had a problem.

Written Comments Specific to East Trails

  1. More trails lower, easier, and accessible.What were the criteria used to evaluate the Jabberwocky trail?  This trail type is the type of trails that the downhill mountain bike community is seeking!  This trail needs to stay and if not, a trail with similar features. (Concerned Mountain Biker Rider: ph number deleted)
  2. Keep Jabberwocky open.  Turn into an approved trail down to the road. 
  3. Move gate on road, as gun target practice no longer done in that area.
  4. The alternative BTI trail is badly needed by hikers to get down to the creek.

Written Comments Specific to West Trails
  1. I like the concept of a mountain bike skills area. Properly designed, located and publicized, it could really help reduce unauthorized trials and conflicts.
  2. We need more trails for all user groups. Trails designed for specific user groups is a great idea. Ready to pitch in and help.
  3. I access the watershed mostly from Hitt Rd, walking form my house. Hiking without fear of bicycles suddenly appearing behind is nice. Fell on knee trail would make a good loop, connecting back with Hitt Rd. Have walked part way down that one (no idea where it went) and it looks interesting. More interesting than Hitt Rd.
  4. Encourage dead-end trails, which will be mainly hikers. Would like to see BTI alternate connecting to the creek.
  5. Like to see alternate to BTI all the way down to the gate at Glenview.
  6. Looking for more moderate cross-country mountain bike trails. Something like Alice or East View.
  7. The horses and mountain bikes need to be on separate trails. It’s impossible to drive a 3 horse trailer to the parking lot by White Rabbit so we have to ride the lower trails. The bikes can drive up higher. Parking at the reservoir is great but we run into bikers immediately. It’s very dangerous. We could use the west side but keep the bikes off.
  8. Dog owners are required to pick up after their dogs so it should follow that horse owners are required to pick up after their horses. With either dogs or horses it is unpleasant and messy, at best, to hike trails trying to avoid the droppings. In the summer you get to add flies to the mix. Let’s just all have consideration for each other.
  9. Equestrian access from Glenview (Trails) can’t take trailers up to white rabbit.
  10. Support the SOFA. Ashland mountain bike skills area. It’s a wonderful area for my kids to play in. I enjoy it and it would be amazing if the Ashland watershed included specific downhill mountain bike trails.
  11. Build skills training areas for mountain bikes with trail maps and rules for trails open for bikes.
  12. Skills areas with “features” that are built properly. Jumps, drops.
  13. Signs to inform younger newer riders who has right of way on trails and what trails are legal.

From the Feb. 22nd, 2011 meeting.

General Comments:

  1. As long as the equestrians have good access/parking and some all-weather trails to share I have no problem.  In fact, it sounds like it could be a positive for horse riding enthusiasts.  Yee Haw!
  2. Keep doing the great work you are doing!
  3. Parking seems limited, bathrooms too.  Signage along the trails with names and maps would help to familiarize locals and visitors with the area.
  4. In 15 years I have never seen a horse or even horse poop in the watershed.
  5. Plan for designated use trails: mixing hikers, equestrians, and bikers on the same trails at the same times is a recipe for disaster/serious injuries!
  6. Greater safety for hikers and runners, separation of trail uses, and increased signage.  Better monitoring and control of rogue trail design.  More trails of easier slopes.
  7. Improved signage for all the trails would definitely help individuals who are not familiar with the somewhat complicated trail system.  It would also be great if they stopped putting gravel on the 2060 road.  It hurts the feet a lot.
  8. Bikes are a problem, and turning the trail from White Rabbit to Park into a bike trail is a real shame.
  9. To have large numbers of trails near town is good.  Have them designed and/or specifically allocated to separate users.  If short sections are joint use, have a clear “user priority” assigned for them.  Bikers to the west; hikers to the east = good idea.
  10. Great event.  Nice maps.
  11. Primary concern should be protection of our water supply.  Protecting areas that are ecologically unique, high diversity of flora i.e. Lamb Mine trail.  Decommission downhill trails (steep ones).  Promote hiker-only trails, not just biker-only trails please.
  12. Have a speed limit for downhill portions of trails for bikers.
  13. Show access points on “proposed trails” map.  Horses turn trails to pounded (?); powdered horse poop.  Wildlife should be respected.  $100,000 is a lot to expect from the government now.
  14. More trails for downhill mountain biking.
  15. Include trails which are already being planned.
  16. Plan is fantastic.  But my only suggestion is to make Cat Walk and BTI one-way only to downhill traffic.
  17. We want to ensure that equestrians have access to the majority of trails.  As an endurance rider, I want steep trails as well as some flat.  We use the same trails as the bikers.
  18. All new trails named after ice cream flavors specifically “cookies ‘n cream.”  If that does not work (many vegans in our area) all barbecue food names specifically “ants on a log.”  No more big gravel chunks on 2060.  Better signage.
  19. Would like better maps and better signage on trails.
  20. Yes to mountain bike skills area.  Separate user groups where possible.  Upgrade signage.
  21. In addressing conflict (or potential conflict) among users, I would like to see a discussion of designating a trail area for off-leash/voice command dog walking.  Currently, this occurs as a de-facto practice, but all users should know what to expect when using a trail.  Plus, dog-owners should not be made to be “outlaws” for properly exercising their pets.
  22. I understand the importance of trails specific to the user, however, I would like to see people getting along and using the trails together.  I respect other people’s recreation and expect them to respect me.  I would suggest proper signage to let people know about proper trail etiquette.  My largest concern about trail use is the number of unrestrained dogs.  For me they are the biggest threat.  Enforcement of leash laws or “no dogs allowed” areas would be great.  If there were fewer dogs I would use the area more often.  I have been bit and chased by dogs so frequently that I now carry mace for my protection.
  23. I would like to see some attention paid to easements/access points on Mountain Avenue, Morton, Liberty Street, etc. (the Liberty Street access is partially on my property) to give more routes into town.  Traffic on those trails is increasing, but development may limit future access.
  24. Equestrians like longer trails – many of us are endurance riders and like to put 10 to 15 miles in a training ride routinely, so we need long trail options.  But, would welcome some biker downhill only if we had equivalent distance at same altitudes (preferably with some climb) open to us.  Bikers are generally a considerate, courteous group, but we’ve all had a close call or two.  Separating us would increase safety for all.
  25. I agree with the plans to legalize existing well built trails. Trails to be closed are not well built and need to be removed. Those marked in red. I would like to see and agree with option # 2 of the mountain bike skills park. As well as parallel hiking trails for Jaberwocky and BTI alleviating trail conflicts on those trails. Thank you for all your hard work and I cant wait to begin shoveling.
  26. Provide an outlet for users to report rogue trail building and offer additional feedback. Create a committee of trail users from all major user groups to respond to issues and conflicts that arise.
  27. I am primarily a runner and sometimes a biker. I am interested mainly in loops and long distance cross country trails.  The proposal looks great. I am especially excited about the lower Time Warp extension, Split Rock and the 2060 parallel. It all looks great ! Nice work !
  28. As hiker and biker. I have had terrible run ins with horses. Even had my son kicked by one.
  29. The current trails are great but the conflict between other users and hikers should be avoided. The implementation of reasonable bike specific trails will alleviate this conflict.
  30. The bike skills park is something I really like and want. Having it progressive with easy to expert lines would be great for me to include my kids and help me keep learning.  An area similar to Black Rock riding area is exactly what I would like to have in our area.
  31. I really enjoy the current trail system we have as a mountain biker. As a downhill mountain biker I would hope more steep trails would open up. I am happy to see more trails open up as the downhill mountain bike sport is really boosting. The technology is new and this is still a boomong sport that will only increase as time goes on. Just like snowboarding did from the 1980's. I really hope our area can embrace it as it would help out our local economy for lodging/resteraunts as it would bring in many people to our area to experience the trails we have to offer. With more people coming in could also expose the areas in the valley such as Medford, Grants Pass to improve tourism and help out our economy.
  32. Mountain bikers are a big portion of our business. Having more sustainable MTB trails would bring more business to our local economy. Freeride and downhill bikes are one of our biggest growing sales.To accommodate these users I would suggest building a specific downhill/freeride zone or park that is linked by trails.
  33. Designate XC trails and downhill mountain bike trails. There are a lot of bikers with recreation not speed as the goal.
  34. Support all levels of of the bike park (SOFA). 3 levels would be great. Lower,middle,upper. Why Not ? A great tourist draw. Just keep it clean and friendly.
  35. I would suggest limiting shuttle access for downhill mountain bikers. There is nothing ecofriendly about vehicle after vehicle driving up to 4 corners or Mt. Ashland. Perhaps even suggest developing mountain bike with gears where riders could RIDE uphill. A novel concept.
  36. Limit shuttle access for downhill mountain bikers. There is not enough separation. I have had many close calls with downhillers. It makes shared trails very dangerous for everyone else. Not everyone wishes to risk their life on the trails.

Written Comments Specific to South Trails

  1. Please try to build Lewis Loop
  2. I Love the upper watershed (south) trails. Time warp especially. I would love to see a "Wagner Dream" trail. No Candies & Bull Gap are favorites as well.
  3. Split Rock as a hiker path would be great. Please do it. Lots of runners / hikers would use it.
  4. Split Rock top priority. Wagner Glade second priority. Like the connector. Fence above UHtoff Trail to top of Ridge outside fence boundary trail. Trailhead development process for and/orto create better access to trail use from more points in and around Ashland. Alleviate Ditch Trail use problems by filtering people: hikers, dog walkers to trails.
  5. A great marking system for all trails and roads that can be hiked, rode on bike or horse. Use symbols to designate multiple use or restricted use: 1. hike only, 2. bike only, 3. horse only, 4. or all. Dog cleanup education needs to be enforced as well as encouraged.

Written Comments Specific to West Side Trails

  1. I love riding the west side trails. I'm a big fan of Hitt Rd. I also really enjoy Mystical. This side of the watershed would benefit by having shorter loops for Winter riding. The more the better. I.M.O. Mystimeanor = (Backside) is a great favorite of mine.
  2. Trails, more trails
Written Comments Specific to East Side Trails
  1. Definitely would like to see Pinball developed more to give another point of access to trail system.
  2. Lewis loop and West side loops.
  3. Don't forget about the trail riders. Not all MTB shuttle to the top..There are those of us that get to the top under our own power. Thanks.
  4. I am a hiker and equestrian and while involved in both activities I have encountered mountain bikers careening down the trails causing "near miss" situations. While on horseback this created a very dangerous situation  with the horse rearing and nearly throwing me! My question is will there be designated trails that will contribute to the safety of all users ie hikers, bikers & equestrians? Having them all use the same trails invites disaster.
  5. What about dogs? I have been attacked and my wife has been bit twice. Trail rules. use signs? Since there is a lack of common sense, signs may be helpful. This has been helpful at places like John Muir / Kettle Mountain State Park in Wisconsin. I want to help this effort. Please contact me when when you need more help. Keep up the great work.
  6. A connector trail from Caterpillar just past the loop road to Fence at the top of the hill using the contour for a short gradual ascent. Improve existing Fence on City land -- connector will be on USFS land. Locate trail away from the fence and private property on this new section and older sections currently right against the fence.  Post signs about private property.
  7. I really enjoy the East side trails such as Missing Link, Martys etc. I like the idea of opening these trails and adding some more technical downhill specific trails. I would hate to see any of the East side trails closed but I understand some of them are unsustainable. "Upper Downhill Fun" is my first choice for new trails.