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Honors Directing Summer Assignment

Directions: Find at least two short/ten minute plays that you would like to direct next September. Considering plays that you have done before in class should be a last option, as many potential actors have been exposed to these plays multiple times.

Requirements for Choosing Plays

All plays selections must be approved by the instructor. Plays that do not meet the following requirements will not be approved.
  • Select material that is going to challenge your actors. Plays must be published in print, not online.
  • When determining length, count one page for a minute. So ten minute plays should be about 10 pages.
Assessment: Copies of these plays must be presented to me on the first day of class. This assignment will count toward your 1st term grade. Any Honors Directing student who does not do the assignment will 1) receive a 0 on the assignment, 2) be assigned a play or 3) may be asked to drop the class.

Suggestions for sources:
  • The Actors Theatre of Louisville collections—available from Samuel French, (www.samuelfrench.com) are the best.
  • Our own library has a nice selection, but you might be better off trying an online search at the major retailers, since you access to the library over the summer will be limited.
  • I would also be happy making some suggestions; we have quite a few volumes that I could let you borrow over the summer.