Stagecraft Safety

These rules and procedures cannot begin to cover all of the safety considerations that may arise. However, there are a few general practices which are required in every situation.


Every person using the scene shop must go through an orientation on the safety rules and procedures.

Tool Safety Features

All blade guards and other safety features are required to be used.

Equipment Familiarity

No one is permitted or should be encouraged to use equipment that is unfamiliar to them.

Tool Maintenance

All tools must be maintained.

Work Clothes

No loose garments or hair allowed. Proper footwear is required. Safety goggles, dust masks, ear protection and gloves as required are mandatory.


Unusual movements, such as running or loud noises are forbidden. Never speak to anyone who is operating a tool or engaged in work.

Emergency Information

If injured, you must immediately report this.


Shop must be organized and clean.