Ashland CERT Members

Welcome to the Ashland, Oregon CERT wiki. This site is for CERT members to share information with each other. These pages do not replace the official pages at www.ashlandcert.orgThe calendar below is continually maintained, but other pages may be out of date.

Ashland CERT Calendar

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Why these pages?

The official pages at are for information that is useful to both CERT members and the general public. While there should be nothing on this site that can not be viewed by the general public, much of the information on these pages is "nitty gritty" stuff of how CERT operates, tips for getting the job done, etc. The general public would get bored wading through these pages, but will find the pages at useful.

One way to think of these pages is that they are a way to pass knowledge from one CERT member to another (or a place for CERT members to record things so that they won't be forgotten and can be looked up later).

Active Ashland CERT members are invited to add and update relevant information here. If you'd like to and don't have access, contact me. --Paul Collins (

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