Risk Bounded Motion Planning and Scheduling for Robots and Autonomous Systems

1) "Geordi - A Driver's Assistant for Risk-bounded Maneuvering",  Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 
     Ashkan Jasour, Xin Huang, Matthew Deyo, Tiago Vaquero, Andreas Hofmann, Brian Williams,
     Workshop on Human-Centric AI for Intelligent Machines, Stanford University, January 2016, [Poster,Video]

Semidefinite Programming for Chance Constrained Optimization over Semialgebraic Sets

Convex Relaxations of a Probabilistically Robust Control Design Problem [pdf]
52st IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, Florence, Italy, 2013
    Reconstruction of Support of a Measure From Its Moments [pdf]
    53rd IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, Los Angeles, California, 2014