Random Variables & Stochastic Processes (EE 560) 
Stochastic Systems (Math 577) 
Stochastic Integral and Differential Equations (Math 519) 
Stochastic Processes and Martingale Theory (Math 518) 
Thermodynamics, Information Theory, and Chaotic Systems (Math 597) 
Numerical Optimization Techniques (Math 555) 
Real Analysis (Math 501) 
Functional Analysis (Math 503)
Linear Algebra

Control Systems
Linear Control Systems (EE 580)
Robust Control (EE 584)
Multi Input and Multi Output Control Systems 
Nonlinear Control Systems 
Fuzzy Systems 
Artificial Neural Networks 
Digital Control
State Space Control
System Simulation 
Industrial Control Systems
Optimal Control

Nonlinear Programming (IE 521) 
Numerical Optimization Techniques (Math 555) 
Linear Programming 
Intelligent Optimization

Electronics and Power Systems and Communications
Electronic Circuits Design  I
Electronic Circuits Design  II
Logic Circuit Design
Power Systems
Electric Motors I
Electric Motors II
Electric Motors and Control System
Communication Theory
Coding Theory