Welcome to Ashish's Homepage

Ashish Singh is a Software Engineer, working with Cloudera to empower Hadoop ecosystem to answer bigger questions. As a Computer Science Engineer, Ashish enjoys solving complex problems. He started his journey with Computer Science Engineering, CSE, with internships at Curtin University, Australia and Yuan Ze University, Taiwan. After acquiring Bachelor of Technology in CSE from ISM (IIT), Dhanbad, India, Ashish worked with Software Industry giants like, Samsung and Aricent. He had mostly worked on understanding and improving upon network protocols before starting his Master of Science in CSE at the The Ohio State University  OSU. Software developed as a part of his research at OSU is a part of the MVAPICH/MVAPICH2 Open Source software packages and is installed on some of the largest InfiniBand clusters in the world. His M.S. thesis, Optimizing All-to-all and Allgather Communications on GPGPU Clusters, was featured in hgpu.orgAfter graduating from OSU, Ashish developed a framework for Schlumberger tools' software that crunched large amounts of seismic data. He worked with Schlumberger for almost couple of years before he decided to switch to Big Data space. At Cloudera, as part of Ingest team Ashish is interested in making data movement easier in large-scale data architectures. Ashish contributes to Apache Kafka, Apache Parquet, Apache Hive and Apache Sentry.

Ashish loves to bike, hike, camp in woods and going to different countries and living with different people. Till date he has been to Austria, Hungary, Italy, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Norway, Germany, US and obviously India. He really wishes to explore the world's diversity as much as one can.