• C Programming Reference :- The only language that will haunt you throughout your life irrespective in which stream you go. This is a small,easy to carry reference book containing all the essential conponents of this language. 


  • AVR Tutorial :- There is a messiah in world for electronics-Bibin John. He has written various E-Books on "core" topics along with tutorials on various subjects. All free !!! This is one of them on AVR covering all the basics and a bit of programming.


  • AVR C Tutorial :- A list of handy Power-Point slides on programming AVR in C language. Things not found elsewhere (easily!!) are put down in this excellent book.


  • PIC Tutorial :- A comprehensive tutorial covering all the basic elements of programming the microcontrollers in C language. A must read for electronics enthusiasts. 


  • Another very good PIC tutorial. This one contains emphasis on hardware and assembly language programming.


  • Interfacing a PIC with 16x2 LCD :- The tutorial provided by Pyroelectronics describes the interfacing of PIC with a 16x2 character LCD. It contains circuit diagram and a C program which can be directly embedded into the PIC and get it running. 
  • Great Tutorials from TRI 


  • Feel the power of ARM (Advanced RISC Machines) Microcontrollers. Packed with awesome capabilities, truly an advanced and powerful microcontroller. Click Here