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Electronics Assistant - Allow me to present one of the coolest softwares I have encountered in my Electronics career. Contains all the tools which help you calculate values of resistance-capacitance for 555 timer, color codes for resistors, and much more you would be excited to find out. Enjoy the assistance.

Databook - A software which contains the pin configurations, descriptions and truth tables of millions of MSI ICs-NOT,NAND,AND,OR,XOR,etc. One of my favorites.


The complete list of U.S. University Graduate Schools Rankings 2009  for  Electronics/Electrical Engineering. Click Here


The ready-to-burn C code for running 2 stepper motors using PIC18F452 microcontroller. Can be used as a reference while building new code and for understanding various mnemonics used in programming. Click Here


QuickBit - Hexadecimal system has always irritated me and millions others like myself across the globe. But it's the end of "Dark Ages". This tiny little utility has been developed as a boon for those who are cursed with the inability to comprehend Hex.