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CONTACT ME :- One stop site for easy AVR tutorial for beginners. It addresses all the spheres of AVR programming in C. It also contains sample, ready to burn codes for reference. Must read for Electronics Amateurs and those interested in Robotics Competetions. :- Yes, I know it's a dream of every electronics student to win in the Micromouse Competetion organised by various Institutes in the country including the IITs. This is the best site for them containing all the necessary information for building a MicroMouse right from designing the chassis to ways of testing. After reading it, you would agree with me that It's indeed one hell of a thing !! :- All Nano freaks would feel like they are at the doors of heaven when they enter this website. Maintained by NCN and Purdue University, this website has all the heavenly resources one would ever need to know something and everything about Nanotechnology. :- Thinking of going to the Land of Universities........... USA. This site promises to make you land at the Best University you deserve. It is nothing but a BIGGGGGGG................. forum where you post your questions and people all around the world freak out their minds and answer your doubts. :- There are many times in ones life when he needs to download a movie from YouTube. This site lets you do exactly what you intend. However, the downloaded movies can be played only in VLC player so don't forget to take it with you on pendrive during presentations in order to avoid disappointments and computer hang-ups. Good tutorial for VHDL Beginners with more emphasis on Structural Design rather than Behavioral. :- This website contains all the information one needs to apply to the universities in US. It contains a comprehensive list of nearly all the existing universities standing on the soil of U.S.