ccXgui Guide

Last updated: October 7th, 2006 (changelog)

There are two main ways to stream media from your PC to your Xbox over your home network: either using Windows XP’s built-in sharing capabilities, or use a program called ccXgui to create XBMSP shares. This guide will focus on XBMSP, as it’s a bit easier to set up, and the only disadvantage is that other PCs on the network cannot pick up the shares. Or maybe you see that as an advantage, all the more reason to use ccXgui.

Setting up ccXgui

  • Download and install ccXgui. (mirror)
  • Open the program and add folders to share by dragging and dropping or using the “Add Share” button on the bottom-left corner.
  • Now head over to “settings.” By default if should set itself up to run as a service, but you can check the “Run as NT service” box to be sure. Running ccXgui as a service means that it will always be running in the background.
  • If you are running firewall software of any kind (including the Windows Firewall), you will need to set an exception for ccxStream.exe and ccXservice.exe.

Creating the bookmarks

By default, there is already a bookmark labeled “XBMSP Network Servers (Auto-Discover)” that will find your XBMSP shares, but it won’t take you directly to your movie/music/whatever shares. I’ll tell you how to create bookmarks that take you directly to them.

  • You’ll need your PC’s network address and the share names of the folders you’re sharing before you can create the bookmark, so it’s best to get these things now.
  • To find your PC’s network address and the share name, get back to your PC and go to start->run, then type cmd, then type ipconfig. You will be presented with some network information, the “IP Address” line is actually your PC’s network address.
  • Your share name is usually just the same name as the folder you’re sharing, so that shouldn’t be hard to remember. It’s also listed in ccXgui on the left-hand side.
  • Now FTP into your Xbox and use any text editor to open the sources.xml file located in the UserData subdirectory of your XBMC install directory.
  • Find the bookmarks labeled XBMSP Network Share in the Video, Music, and Pictures sections and format them like so:

<name>XBMSP Network Share</name>

Replace PC-NETWORK-ADDRESS with the network address of that PC, and the SHARE-NAME with, the share name. Now it should look something like this:

<name>XBMSP Network Share</name>

You can also set your XBMSP Network Share as the default location when entering My Videos/Music/Pictures. Just find “My Videos/Music/Pictures shares” and not too far down you should see the default tags, <default></default>. Just paste XBMSP Network Share between those tags. It should look like this:

<default>XBMSP Network Share</default>

Now save and upload your new sources.xml file, then enjoy XBMC.