Guides I went and stole from SA.

HEY MAN: This will never get updated, but some of the information and files here may still be useful, so it stays.

These are mostly guides written by the Something Awful community. I began mirroring these guides for friends who don't have access to the SA forums, and now here they are for whoever wants them. If you need help, try searching around the internet. There are plenty of forum threads you can find via Google or Yahoo! where people have run into the exact same roadblocks you find yourself at, and have found solutions.

The Guides:
PS2 Softmod Guide - Written by admiraldennis.
HDTV Guide - Written by Utnayan, Chemmy, Flashdance, and qirex.
Xbox Softmod Guide - Written by Waffle Zone.
ccXgui Guide - Written by myself.

Other Stuff:
Changelog - Any changes to the guides will be noted here.
Boxstr - Free file hosting (10 gigs total, 250mb max filesize, 1gig daily max transfer).
The XviD-Ogg-MKV Walkthrough - Guide to high quality DVD rips. [download]
Doom9 - DVD ripping/burning/conversion guides.
Doom9's AutoGK Guide - DVD to AVI
AVI2DVD Guide - Well it's pretty obvious as to what this is good for.