Did You Know

  • Did you know that you can have your MOT a month in advance of the expiry date? The new style MOT Certificate also makes life easier for you, as you can buy your road tax disk on-line.
  • Did you know that the minimum tread depth in the UK for tyres is 1.6 mm across three-quarters of the tread from the centre of the tyre? This could mean you could have a tyre with one edge almost down to cords but still showing, yet still passing the MOT.
  • Did you know that wheel alignment/tracking is the most effective way of preventing this kind of tyre wear? In most European countries, the minimum tread depth is 3 mm. We advise you to follow this as a measurement of safety for your car. At 3 mm, your tyre is already 75% worn.
  • Did you know that you should check your oil levels more frequently, as current engine design results in oil burning more quickly? You should be checking your oil levels at least two to three times a month. Better safe than sorry. Ash Garage only uses high quality engine oil in the workshop and when you come in for fuel we can check you’re oil for you, FREE of charge.
  • Did you know that diagnostics is only a basic guide to finding a fault on a car? It guides you which way to go but doesn't tell you what’s wrong with the car. If you see that yellow light on your dashboard, ring Ash Garage for Help & advice.
  • Did you know that Ash Garage is the only Garage Forecourt locally that offers Attended service at the Petrol Pumps? We put the fuel in for you, we check you tyre pressures, check your engine oil and waters levels, all free of charge. Let us get our hands dirty and smelling of fuel, so you don’t have too..