This site is a collection point for sharing lesson plans.  These plans integrate technology and other curricular areas and were assembled under Enhancing Education Through Technology (E2T2) funding in 2009. Ashford School was awarded the grant to develop lesson plans integrating science and technology however other lessons were also created.  We are posting them here for other schools to download and use.

Ashford School is a pk-8 school district located in eastern Connecticut.  We are an all Macintosh School.  Most of the lessons are cross-platform.  Some of the step-by-step directions sheets will be Macintosh based but can be modified for the Windows platform.

The original grant was written by Technology Coordinator Marji Roy, and Rick Rossi, Annie Perkins and Kelly Knotts, all science teachers at the school.  We are all extremely appreciative of the funding because significant levels of professional development and equipment purchases were realized.  Huge steps forward were made in technology at Ashford School because of this grant.