Info on K12 Alerts

About the Program:
Ashford School uses voice and email messaging alert service to further enhance our communications system in the event of an emergency or weather-related school closing and for regular school to home announcements. The service, K12 Alerts®, allows the School send important school messages to two email addresses (work and home/other), and two (2) telephone numbers per family in the database.

How K12Alerts Works:
Parents and/or guardians are registered for receiving notification via telephone when the student starts school.  If we have email information at that time we also register them for email announcements. An information sheet with login and password information is sent home to the parents via the student. Keep this information.

Changes in Information:
If your telephone numbers or email addresses change, you are responsible for logging into the system and updating them. If you cannot locate your log in information, please contact the Superintendent's Office for assistance.

When you receive a call from the school:
The system is voice activated so the user must say “Hello” when answering the phone, another option is to press any key on the telephone or cell phone keypad to play the automated voice message. If the district elects to send a voice message for weather-related early morning closures, the primary number will be the only number to receive this type of information.

If you do not want to receive these phone calls or emails:
If you DO NOT want to receive phone calls or emails, login to the site and remove those entries.

What will happen:
The school will send out announcements using this system.  Telephoned announcements will be limited to weather and emergency notifications and delayed openings or school closings.  
E-Mail and text message notifications will be used for other school wide-announcements of interest to families.

When a telephoned announcement comes it will be a recorded message that starts with "The following is an important announcement from Ashford School."

Problems:  Here are some hints if you didn't get a telephone or email message.
• Login to K12 Alerts and verify that both your telephone, cell number and email address are accurate.
• Answering machine issues:  If your message is overly long or not clear, the school message will not be left on your answering machine. It helps if your message start with a clear Hello.

Step by Step Guide on Accessing the K12 Alerts System:

To Update your K12 Information:
Click here to access your K12 file.  You will need to know your login and password information.

K12 Login screen
• Click on Parent Guardian button:
K12 Login

The ID entry screen appears (Shown below).
• Enter your Login ID.  It was provided to you on a K12 Alert Letter when your child first enrolled.  It will be the Student ID number of one of your children.
• Enter your password in the password field. It was also provided to you on the K12 Alert letter.
If you do not know your login and password you can send an email to to have them sent to you.
• Enter the letter captcha code shown on the screen into the "Enter code below" field.  It will not match the one below but will be different every time you log in.
Click on the Login button.

K12 Login 2

•This will bring you to the information page.  
Here you will see already completed any information we had at the time of registration.  You can add an additional phone number or additional email addresses if you want calls and emails to go to more than one location.
• Update any information.
• Click on continue.

• YOu will see this screen when complete.
k12 3
• Remember to update whenever you change telephone numbers or email addresses.