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Ashford School
440 Westford Road
Ashford, CT 06278


Main School Line: 860-429-6419
Superintendent: Dr. James Longo 860-429-1927
Principal: Mr. Troy Hopkins 860-429-6419
Assistant Principal:  Mrs. Cynthia Ford 860-429-6419
Director of Pupil Services:  Mrs. Donna Hartigan 860-429-6419
Nurse: Mrs. Martha Sibley-Jett: 860-429-6419
Transportation: 860-429-6419 x370

Fax: 860-429-3651
 School Administrators:

Dr. James P. Longo
Superintendent of Schools

Mr. Troy C. Hopkins
Mrs. Cynthia Ford
            Assistant Principal

Mrs. Donna Hartigan
Director of Pupil Personnel

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Below is not in alphabetical order we are working on a new website so this information may not be complete.  Sorry for any inconvenience. 
To send an email to a staff member listed below, please add to the staff member's username.  We are listing email addresses this way to discourage programs that scan web pages for email addresses and consequently produce spam.
 Staff Member    
 Position  Email user name
  Ms. Karin Anderson     Grade 2 Teacher
  Ms. Rebecca Aubrey
Elementary Spanish Teacher

  Mrs. Donna Backhaus    
 Grade 7/8 Math
  Mrs. Jen Barsaleau     BOE/Superintendent's Secretary
 Mrs B
 Resource Teacher  
  Mrs. Janis Belair  Grade 7/8 Reading
  Ms. Schneider Grade 5
  Mrs. Christine Benton     Grade 1 Teacher cbenton
 Mr. Ackerson
 Athletic Director

  Mrs. Mychelle Bora Reading Paraprofessional mbora    
  Mrs. Marina Brand  School Psychologist
  Mrs. Marilyn Brozyna  Paraprofessional     mbrozyna
  Mrs. Kathleen Bryce
 Grade 7/8 Social Studies
  Mrs. Gina Burnham Grade 5
  Mr. Chris Busse  Grade 2 Teacher
  Ms. Jill Cannon  Paraprofessional  jcannon
  Ms. Dorothy Compton  Grade 6 Teacher
  Mrs. Maureen Connolly  Kindergarten Teacher
  Mrs. Debra Courtright
 Resource Teacher
  Ms. Susan Cunningham     Reading, Grades 5-8
  Computer Lab
 School Mac Lab
 Mrs. Shawn Dimmock
 Title 1 Math Resource
  Mrs. Sara Dingler  Kindergarten
  Mrs. Kristen Dockendorff
 Art Teacher
  Ms. Amy Dotson  Music Teacher  adotson
  Ms. Jane Evans  Paraprofessional  jevans
  Mrs. Nancy Freeman  Paraprofessional  nfreeman
  Mrs. Marti Hardisty  Health /Phys. Ed. Teacher
  Mrs. Barbara Horn  Grade 1 Teacher  bhorn
 Mr. Jason Horn
 Grade 5
  Ms. Carly Imhoff
  Mrs. Jan Jacobsen
  Mrs. Catherine Klesser    
 Special Education Secretary
  Mrs. Michelle Klock  Grade 3 Teacher
  Mrs. Kathleen Knecht
 Resource Education  kknecht
  Mrs. Kelly Knotts
 Grade 4 Teacher
  Mrs. Susan Kozey    
 Paraprofessional skozey
  Ms. Hillary Lemos  Speech & Hearing  hlemos
  Mrs. Jennifer Lindsay  Technology
  Mrs. Jadey Longo  Preschool
  Mrs. Ginger Lusa  Preschool  vlusa
  Mrs. Kristina Lyons        
 Paraprofessional     klyons
  Mrs. Mandy Makuch     K-4 Reading Teacher smakuch
 Ms. Dory Manfre  Grade 7/8 Science  dmanfre
 Ms. Marshall
 Grade 1 Teacher kmarshall
 Mr. Moore
 Grade 6/7/8 Resource
  Mrs. Bonnie Ognan
 Mrs. Krysta Parisen
 Grade 4 Teacher
  Mr. Mark Phelps     PE teacher mphelps
  Ms. Silverstein
 Music Teacher  
  Mr. Kiefer
 Grade 7/8 Writing
  Ms. Virginia Reviczky
 Paraprofessional  vreviczky
  Ms. Julia Rhubin  Spanish/ELL     jrhubin
 Mrs. Amanda Robinson
 School Secretary
  Ms. Danielle Romano
 School Psychologist
  Mrs. Bree Ross     Kindergarten Teacher bross
  Ms. Jessalyn Salisbury
 Secondary Math Specialist
  Ms. Karen Samperi        
 Cafeteria Manager    
  Mrs. Suzanne Schillinger     Principal's Secretary
  Mrs. Martha Sibley-Jett     Nurse msibleyjett
  Mrs. Elissa Turcotte  Grade 3
  Mr. Scott Waddell     Technology Coordinator swaddell

  Mrs. Jen Wood     Grade 3 Teacher
 Grade 6  Teacher
  Ms. Jennifer Zotti  Grade 4 Teacher  jzotti