Class Connections

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Mrs. Lusa -
Mrs. Longo

Mrs. Dingler
Mrs. Connolly
Mrs. Ross

Ms. Marshall

Grade 2:
Ms. Anderson

Grade 3:
Mrs. Wood
Mrs. Turcotte

Mrs. Parisen
Mrs. Zotti

Grade 5
        Ms. Schneider
        Mrs. Burnham
        Mr. Horn

Grade 6:

Mrs. Knotts
Mrs. Mielniczuk

Grade 7/8 Team:
           Mrs. Backhaus
Mrs. Bryce - Social Studies
           Ms. Manfre - Science
Mr. Kiefer

World Language:

Ms. Rhubin - 5-8 Spanish/ELL
Ms. Aubrey - 3-7 Spanish

Special Areas:
Mr. Hollister - PE and Health
Mr. Phelps - PE and Health
Mrs. Dockendorff - Art
Ms. Dotson - Instrumental Music
Ms. Silverstein- Class & choral Music
Ms. Imhoff- Science/Enrichment
Science Resources- Additional Science Resources
          Mrs. Lindsay- Technology & Research Writing


Ms. Cunningham - Reading Teacher 7/8
Mrs Dimmock - Math Resource
Ms. Courtright - Special Education
Mrs. Makuch- Reading Resource
Mrs. Knecht- Special Education
Ms. Lemos - Speech & Hearing
Ms. Romano - School Psychologist
Mr. Moore - Special Education

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