Tracing Memory Leak in Symbian

Finding Memory leak in Symbian with HookLogger

This article guide a developer to deliver a leak free Symbian application. Follw these step and see the miracle.

1.      Install HOOKLOGGER (available freely)

2.        Run on command prompt “HookEUSER winscw”

3.        If this fails then change Line no 54 in reflecting $path to the epoc32 i.e. Symbian SDK. Example:

my $path = "D:/Symbian/9.1/S60_3rd/epoc32/release/$platform/$release";

4.        For Symbian OS v6.1, 7.0, 7.0s, 8.0a (based on EKA1)

·         Run on command prompt “HookEUSER winscw eka1”

5.        For Symbian OS v8.0b and above (based on EKA2 which is default option for winscw)

·         Run on command prompt “HookEUSER winscw”


6.        This would hook the HOOKLOGGER utility to emulator.

7.        Run HOOKLOGGER utility for start>programs. This will launch the utility

 8.        Set the setting as shown

9.        Open Filter tab and add the UID’S for exe or dll under scan.

 10.     Run the Emulator.

NOTE: If EKA1 is the Architecture selected then HookLogger may popup error message, just press ok and emulator start running. Please note that press ok before emulator launches else hooklogger wont show any thing.

11.     Start TestDriver

12.     In Thread tab deselect all the process.

13.     Select only TestDriver.

14.     Select Heap Tab and press Mark button

15.     Run the TestDriver feature.

16.     When process is finished press Check button.

17.     This will list all the currently allocated memory.

18.     Double click any memory location to see the stack.