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County Services

Asher View is located in beautiful Fairfax County, Virginia. Fairfax County has a wealth of information on its web site, . Navigate there to find information on building codes, tax payments, real estate transactions, and many other county services. Additionally, here are some helpful contacts:
Zoning Enforcement: 703.324.1300
Code Enforcement: 703.324.1937
Building Plan Review: 703.222.0114


The local police substation is the Sully Station, on Stonecroft Road (off Route 28 near Westfields). The Sully Station has been open since May 2003, and is staffed by several officers. There is a permanant bicycle team based out of the station, and a community relations coordinator. Women can take a self-defense class taught by police instructors at the Sully Station.

Asher View is looking for volunteers for a Neighborhood Watch! If you're interested in helping to keep our community safe, please contact

If you have an emergency, dial 911. For non-emergencies, call 703.691.2131. Please report all suspicious activity!

Fire and Rescue

The Fire Department is located off Old Centreville Road, just past the Burger King. If you have an emergency, dial 911.

Department of Code Compliance

The Department of Code Compliance investigates most neighborhood quality of life complaints in the county, including parking in the grass, junk in the yard, too many people living in a home, uncut grass, building without permits, and hoarding. It enforces zoning, property maintenance, building, blight, grass, fire and health codes all within in a single department. Call 703-324-1300.

Fairfax County Animal Control

For animal control violations call Fairfax County Police Department at 703.691.2131. For Fairfax County rules and regulations as well as other information visit the Fairfax County Animals page.

Elected officials

For up-to-date informaition on your local officials, visit their Elected Officials page.