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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors handles the overall administration of our community. They're our neighbors, so we can be sure they're looking out for all of our best interests. The board is elected by the community members, either through direct ballot or, if you choose, a board member will act as a proxy on your behalf. The offices all have three-year terms. Elections are held at the annual meeting, and there is always at least one position to be filled (unless a Board member steps down and an election is held to replace them for the duration of their term). Everyone is encouraged to get involved!

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The Board meets every other month. All Association members are invited to attend. Elections are held at the Annual Meeting. All meetings start at 7:00 PM.

Dates for 2013 Board Meetings:
July 10th, WED - Centreville Fire House
September 11th, WED - Centreville Fire House
October 9th, WED. Annual Meeting for Elections. Centreville Fire House
November 13th, WED - Centreville Fire House


President - Rafael "Ray" Urena
    The President runs the Board meetings and keeps in contact with the association manager.

Vice-President - Holly Sweeney
    The Vice President fills in when the President is unavailable.

Secretary - Jennifer Johnson
    The Secretary reviews the minutes and signs off on them.

Treasurer -Wesley Lukehart
    The Treasurer maintains the budget.

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