Products and Services Promoting Sustainable Lifestyles

What is Green Energy Now?

Green Energy Now (GEN) is a local Mimbres, NM based small business providing products and services that promote sustainable lifestyles.  We offer expertise on rainwater harvesting and low-tech solar-powered and/or energy efficient installations that replace conventional home appliances ~ water heaters, toilets, refrigerators, etc.. Our products and services have been developed over ten years of experimentation with rural off-grid living and our passion for finding ways to live more harmoniously with our precious Earth.

Folks have looked at our creations and commented, "This is our future!" We feel it is of utmost importance to start implementing these energy saving devices NOW so that there will be a future ... thus the business name Green Energy Now.  These are projects that you can implement now, for better, happier living. If you don't feel qualified, skilled or able to make these things yourself, we are here to help.

We believe it is feasible, practical and fun to reduce energy consumption NOW by a factor of 10 or 20 from national averages using simple, hand-built and low cost systems. 

We offer advice and design ideas to those who prefer to make for themselves - the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) folk - and also customized design consultations, detailed design, and installation services. 


Asher Gelbart


Asher's Certifications:

Certified Permaculture Designer, True Nature Sustainable Living and Wilderness School, July 2013, Instructors Cathe' Fish and Owen Hablutzel.

Certified Rainwater Harvester, Watershed Management Group, Nov 2012.