This is the general information page for the 2012 A-Shell Developers Conference. See the topics and linked pages below for more details.

24 September Email Message
Here is a copy of the Email message of 24 September.

Meals and Schedule
Here is a page on our meal plans and various related information.

Location and Hotel
Catamaran Resort Hotel, San Diego, California. More details here.

Dates and Schedule
October 3 (evening) through October 6 (evening), 2012. Actual meetings: Thursday and Friday, October 4 and 5.
More details here.

We're still working on this, and are accepting ideas for talks and seminars. Please contact us if you have topics that you feel need discussing and/or would contribute to the overall conference. More details here.

The base rate for the conference is $300. See this page for more details.

If you want to look up any information for prior conferences, you can find at least some data and photos though the Conferences page on the MicroSabio web site.

If you have questions, problems, issues or need to communicate with someone about the conference for any reason, please contact Ty Griffin at (email) tygrif /at/ gmail.com or (telephone) eight zero five 543-2679 or eight one eight 274-6870.