Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.  - Sun Tzu  (art of war, 6th century BC).

The current economic environment though challenging is at same time full of new opportunities for growth and innovation. Conservative spending and business realignment centered on

·        Eliminating non-value add activities

·        Consolidations

·        TCO reduction

·        Externalizing assets

·        Mergers and Acquisitions

·        Globalization

·        New Regulations

require both time tested and creative solutions.


As a technology decision maker, a software architect’s role is critical in providing such solutions. A deep and wide knowledge of technological possibilities though essential cannot in isolation provide such holistic solutions. It requires an architect to be cognizant of 

·        Business objectives

·        Financial metrics

·        Customer perspectives

·        Competitive landscape and

·        Organizational politics.

This is imperative in architecting solutions that enable your organization to create competitive differentiation and come out stronger as the economy recovers.


This site has

·        Architectural perspectives

·        Design guidelines

·        Reference solutions

·        Programming utilities and

·        Open source projects

which can assist you in architecting, designing and developing Lean solutions”.


A “lean solution” is one that adheres to three principles
  1. Avoid use of expensive and propriety software stacks.
  2. Maximize use of open source products and code generators.
  3. Eliminate documentation, processes and features that add no customer value.

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