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Please keep checking back to stay up to date on homework, assignments, and important information! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to one of us! 

Important Update: 

This week is the NY State ELA Test!! It is very important to get plenty of rest, be on time to school, and eat breakfast! We are proud of everything the students have done so far and they are ready to show what they know!

ELA State Test: March 30-April 1
Math State Test: May 2-4

With the new technology and dedicated space for use, Hebrew Public is pleased to announce that we will be shifting to computer based testing for the NYS exams for Grades 3-7. The students already have great familiarity with computer based testing and are receiving additional training and information with both time in the tech lab and in their classrooms. We will also be sharing additional resources for use at home. 

VIP Student:

Each day, we choose a new VIP student. The VIP is someone who displays positive and supportive behavior, completes all of their homework and classwork, and was an overall great student! The VIP for the day gets special use of VIP materials and a special seat for the day!

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Reminder: All homework must be completed and handed in in order to receive a punch on their homework punch card at the end of the week. 4 punches in one month earns the students a super special lunch date!

Important Dates:

ELA State Test: March 30-April 1
Math State Test: May 2-4

We have an upcoming class field trip on May 22, 2017 to the Brooklyn Cyclones Stadium and Coney Island!!

We are working with Salvadori Science for the next 8 weeks starting on January 20, 2017!

What are we learning?
Science: We are working on identifying the parts of a plant and animal cell, diagramming cells, and identifying the roles of all organelles. We will also be moving into the body systems and the roles of each. 

ELA: Our big focus skill is quoting, summarizing, and paraphrasing text. We are working on reading texts about the rain forest while practicing these skills! We are continuing to work on skills need for the state test coming up including main idea, inferencing, theme, point of view, and closely reading a text for details.  

Math: We are working on Module 5 and how to find the volume of a rectangular prism with and without the formula. This is our unit on geometry and we will move into shapes and identifying quadrilaterals. 

Writing: We are working on writing complete sentences and using correct punctuation and adding proper grammar into our writing. . We are beginning our focus on opinion writing!