NEW: Tick Prevention Resources

  • AT HOME BEFORE YOU COME ON TREK, spray shoes, socks, belt, hat, bonnet & clothing with REPELLENT WITH PERMETHRIN (99.99% effective chemical used by the military, for fabric & clothing ONLY- the repellent will last for weeks after it has dried and resists some washing)
  • Wear an INSECT REPELLENT WITH DEET on your skin on Trek, 25% strength
  • Tuck pants & bloomers into long socks
  • Pick light-colored pioneer clothing
  • Wear a hat or sun-bonnet (sprayed with repellent with permethrin)
  • At home AFTER Trek, put all fabric & clothing in the dryer on high heat to kill ticks


Conduct a full body check for ticks:
 Remove any you find promptly. 
Check these parts of your body for ticks:
    • Under the arms
    • In and around the ears
    • Inside belly button
    • Back of the knees
    • Under the arms
    • In and around the hair
    • Between the legs
    • Around the waist
Check your clothing: Ticks may be carried on clothing. When at home after the Trek, place clothes into a dryer on high heat to effectively kill ticks.

Tick Removal: Remove ticks with tweezers. Detailed instructions from Center for Disease Control here. Disinfect area & wash hands with soap & water.

For more information on Tick Prevention see Center for Disease Control link here.