Swimming Log Books

Each swimmer should purchase a log book from the club as an aid to improving their swimming. 

This is an A5 ring bound book for competitive swimmers which keeps important information in one place. The book contains different sections that you fill in such as: goal setting, a diary for open meets and galas, qualifying times, competition recording, personal best times, attendance and finally the Training Log, with two days per page where the swimmer records information about actual swim training sessions.

This swimming log will help you track your times as you improve and head towards County, Regional, or even National competitions. It makes your training focused and provides valuable written feedback from your coach.

How to Use Your Log Book
Please keep your log book safe in your swimming bag (in the plastic bag provided to keep it dry) so that you bring it with you to every training session. At the start of the session give your book to your coach who will keep it whilst you swim and note down feedback and points you need to remember. Please remember to then collect your book at the end of the session, take it away and read it!

How to Purchase a Log Book
Please give Sheila £5 in a names enveloped marked log book and hand it to her poolside. 
Alternatively email Sheila on: familyhaswell@btinternet.com