Covid-19 Measures

Returning to the Pool with Covid-19 Considerations

Should Your Child attend swimming? With the recent numbers of positive cases at local schools we have made a clear guide to whether or not a child should swim.

See guide here

At first all these changes might seem a bit daunting and there is a lot to take in, but once familiar with the 'new normal', we hope training will be engaging and enjoyable! We are aiming to rebuild everyone's fitness levels and still enable our members to benefit from the social and fun side of swimming.

Swimming will be different from now on and there is a list of new protocols that everyone needs to follow plus there will be a different pool layout and various forms that need reading and signing. All members will be sent an email with a number of documents they must read and sign to confirm they understand.

We will be taking social distancing very seriously and anyone without the necessary completed forms, not following the protocols or not observing social distancing in anyway, will not be allow to swim.

To help members know what to expect and familiarize themselves with the new protocols, please watch our short video. (Link here when ready)

Please see the documents at the bottom of the page for all the detailed information. If you are a member and have not received these please contact

New Pool Layout

• Designated waiting/briefing area for each lane

• Markers placed on the floor to indicate where to stand

• All equipment and benches have been removed from poolside for more space

• Entrance to pool has a dividing barrier so there is a one-way system on and off the poolside

• Starting blocks will not be used - we are now able to use these if needed. Sept 2020.

No sharing or borrowing of equipment – the coach will inform swimmers of the equipment to bring for each session - see Recommended Kit for required equipment each squad is expected to have.


Return to Training Covid-19 Risk Awareness Declaration April 2021 - Needs to be signed and returned before swimming

Pre-training Covid-19 health screen form April 2021 - Needs to be signed and returned before swimming

Return to Swimming Protocols - This explains exactly what the swimmers (and parents) are asked to do when attending training.

What If - answers to questions you may have and different scenarios.