We are now looking to appoint a two new Team Captains from the Senior Squad This is an excellent opportunity for young leaders to take on board their first responsibilities and have something to add to their CV. As a team captain they are primarily a role model for the younger swimmers and are asked to help out where they can at club events. If anyone is interested in becoming a Team Captain please do not hesitate to speak to your coach. 

Note: the Club will no longer appoint 1 boy and 1 girl as team captains but will open both positions to both sexes. 

Could you be a Team Captain?

Role of Team Captains
  1. Team Captains should act as positive role models during training or competing.  Behaviour should be of a high standard that reflects well on the Team.
  2. To advise Welfare Officer of any issues and concerns raised by swimmers.
  3. To attend and help as required at club events including the Club Championships and annual social evening. 
  4. Participate in personal development opportunities within the club e.g. pool helper with junior swimmers. This will facilitate awareness of Team Captains to junior swimmers and parents poolside.
  5. To attend and contribute to committee meetings, occasional or when required, to represent and advise the committee of swimmers’ issues and views.

This role is shared by two individuals and the two Team Captains should work together to inspire and motivate the other club members.

The club captains are chosen by the coaching team from swimmers in the Senior Squad, they are swimmers who are committed to the sport, train and compete regularly and hence understand what it takes to progress in swimming. The coaches select on the basis of commitment to training and competition, attitude and what the candidates put back into the club. It is a privilege and accolade to be a Team Captain.

Nominations must be received by the 28th October. 

Please put yourself or someone else forward by speaking to your coach. You will need to writ a short paragraph about why you would be a good Team Captain and email it to membership@ashbourneswimclub.org . Then be prepared to come along to the committee meeting on 12th November TBC.