Club Championships Results
Congratulations to everyone who took part in the Club Championships back in November here are the long awaited results and photos of the trophy winners. 

Don't forget the club's AGM is Monday 25th February 2019, 7pm @ The Flying Club, Ashbourne

1st Kate Haswell 
2nd Ellie Torpey
3rd Michaela Dick

Boys 8yrs
1st Max Goddard
2nd Daniel Margiotta
3rd Ben Croxford
Runners up: Henry Tarr, Thomas King, Barney Whale, Theo Forster

Girls 8yrs 
1st Ellie Harrison 
2nd Martha Whale 
3rd Georgina Buckley & Alice Murphy 
Runners up: Jazmine Brandrick, Bella Carolon, Sophie Cartlidge, Rose Davies 

Boys 9yrs
1st Thomas Greatorex

Girls 9yrs 
1st Samantha Poyser 
2nd Maizie Goddard 
3rd Connie Howe 
Runners up: Scarlett Andrews, Sarah Brown, Lucy Baines 

Boys 10yrs
1st James King 
Girls 10yrs 
1st Sophie Duckmanton 
2nd Isabella Margiotta 
3rd Mollie Davies 
Runners up: Lily Gulliver, Edie Hambleton, Esme Clowes, Sophie Lee, Martha Forster 

Boys 11yrs
1st Finlay Howe
2nd Oliver Brown
3rd Otto Wigley
Runners up: Josh Harrison, William Threlfall,

Girls 11yrs 
1st Matilda Caton 
2nd Hannah Smith 
3rd Rosie King 
Runners up: Annabelle Croxford, Hazel Brandrick, Evie Sharpe, Emma Wigfall 

Boys 12yrs
1st Ben Archer
2nd Hamish Nye
3rd Oscar Bridge
Runners up: Barney Tanner, Samuel Baines

Girls 12yrs
1st Anna Poyser
2nd Elena Andrews
3rd Isabel Torpey
Runners up: Evie Hale, Isabelle Stevens, Lucy Ackers, Imogen Scotcher, Annie Woods

Boys 13yrs

1st Thomas Rennie
Girls 13yrs 
1st Keira Lee 
2nd Ellie Tarr 
3rd Evie Gregory 
Runners up: Katie Hancock, Eloise Bevan, Arabella King 

Boys 14yrs
1st Jolyon Wooddisse
2nd Eddie Archer 

Girls 14yrs
1st Ellie Torpey
2nd Jessica Kaul
3rd Robyn Tilsley
Runners up: Tahlia Lee, Millie Nye, Megan Wigley, Kate Haswell

Boys 15yrs +
1st Alex Holt 
2nd Luke Ellis 
3rd Archie Watkins
Girls 15yrs +
1st Katie Taylor 
2nd Michaela Dick 
3rd Gabby Cantrell 

Joint 1st Helen Armstrong & Kirsty Durose 

Presidents Cup 
15+yrs 100m Individual Medley 

1st Alex Holt
2nd Luke Ellis
3rd Archie Watkins
1st Katie Taylor 
2nd Michaela Dick 
3rd Gabby Cantrell 

John Stubbs Trophy 
12-14yrs 100m Individual Medley 

1st Jolyon Wooddisse 
2nd Eddie Archer 
3rd Ben Archer 
1st Kate Haswell
2nd Keira Lee
3rd Ellie Torpey

Frank Wright Trophy 
Under 12yrs 100m Individual Medley 
Kindly sponsored by
1st Finlay Howe
2nd Josh Harrison
3rd Otto Wigley

1st Samantha Poyser 
2nd Sophie Duckmanton 
3rd Maizie Goddard 

Blue Ribbon Trophy 
Open 100m Freestyle 
Kindly Sponsored by

Most Stylish
Breaststroke Trophy
Kindly Sponsored by Wyaston Nursery

Matilda Caton

Swimmers Swimmer
Ellie Torpey

Most Improved
Boy & Girl
Archie Watkins
Sophie Duckmanton

Junior Club Persons
James & Thomas King

Senior Club Person
Ellie Torpey

1st Alex Holt 
2nd Luke Ellis 
3rd Jolyon Wooddisse