Four Towns Round One - Ashbourne, March 7, 2015

Ashbourne made a good start to their league campaign when they hosted the 1st round of Four Towns League.
Belper was the runaway winner with only 8 pts between the other 3 clubs. There were some very close races and all our swimmers swam really well with an amazing 26 PBs out of 32 individual swims. 

The club came 1st in 5 of the events:
Paul Haswell in 14yrs Boys 50m Butterfly and 50m Back
Kirsty Durose in Open Girls 50m Butterfly
Lydia Cox in Open Girls 50m Back
Open mixed Medley Relay team

The 9 years relay team did really well on their 1st competitive outing coming 2nd in all their races

 Age Name 50m Free 50m Back 50m Breast 25m Fly 50m Fly 4 x 25m Relay
 9 & Under Anna Poyser      Freestyle        1.30.24
  Imogen Scotcher      Medley            1.39.78
  Pippa Smith      
  Ben Archer     Breast             2.02.00
  Joe Stelfox      
  Hamish Nye      
 10 & Under Keria Lee 43.24 
22.48 Freestyle       1.34.03
  Lily Graig

 DQ  Medley          D/Q
  Arabella King
 Tye Bassett
 Ben Elliott 54.59  1.10.74
 12 & UnderLucy Carroll 43.54 50.06 
Freestyle    1.13.56
 Kate Haswell

   52.33Medley       DQ
   Eleanor Torphey
 Alex Holt 
  Luke Ellis40.02     
  Eddie Archer  44.88    
 50m Free

 50m Back

 50m Breast

 25m Fly 

 50m Fly

 4 x 25m Relays 
 14 & Under Katie Taylor 33.48

 40.45 Freestyle    1.01.24
  Lullah Reed

 Medley      1.16.91
  Megan Elliott  43.77    
  Paul Haswell 37.53   36.88 
  Matt Moody 
  Charlie Scotcher 33.86     
 Open Kirsty Durose  

32.68Freestyle         58.43
  Lydia Cox  36.41    Medley         1.04.16
  Fran Harrison 32.60
  Holy Herring   42.44   
  Rob Wheeler 31.67  
 Cannon    2.57.00
  Dan Cooper   38.92   
  Toby Doran   
  Stephen Elliot 32.06     

    Belper 133pts         Leek 96pts         Dove Valley 94pts          Ashbourne 88pts