Ash Cum Ridley, a Church in the Kent countryside dedicated to St Peter and St Paul, has a ring of 6 bells dating back to 1717, though there are records of bells in this tower back to 1552. The bells are hung in their original Oak Frame on metal head stocks. The weight of the bells varies from 3 hundredweight, for the number 2 to 9 hundredweight for the tenor. The treble, normally the lightest bell is heavier than the 2 at 4¼ cwt approx. The number 2 bell is the youngest, having been recast in 1856 when it fell out of the tower. As you can see in the photograph, half the tower is brick, and half flint, this is the reason.

The problem is to keep these bells ringing for another 300 years requires some maintenance. Maintenance requires money, about £300 per year. We recently raised  £36,000  to remove the bells, re-tune and fit with modern head stocks and then rehang them back in the tower where they belong. They should now ring out over the Kent countryside for another 300 years.