Pics Of Baby Kangaroos

pics of baby kangaroos
    baby kangaroos
  • (Baby kangaroo) A joey is any infant marsupial.
  • (pic) movie: a form of entertainment that enacts a story by sound and a sequence of images giving the illusion of continuous movement; "they went to a movie every Saturday night"; "the film was shot on location"
  • (Pic (novel)) Pic is a novel by Jack Kerouac, first published in 1971.
  • A photograph or movie; a picture
  • (pic) photograph: a representation of a person or scene in the form of a print or transparent slide; recorded by a camera on light-sensitive material
pics of baby kangaroos - Kangaroo Babies:
Kangaroo Babies: A Different Way of Mothering
Kangaroo Babies: A Different Way of Mothering
Providing a history and a beautifully illustrated practical guide to kangaroo mothering, this book explains the approach that is changing the way mothers relate to newborn babies and improving the way hospitals treat premature babies and their parents. Already used in 30 countries around the world where incubators are in short supply, kangaroo mothering has been adapted in the Western world alongside incubator care to heal the sense of isolation and helplessness both parents and babies can feel in the tense initial weeks of a baby’s life. Once a newborn baby’s heart rate and feeding have been stabilized, the babies are positioned in close skin-to-skin physical contact with their mother, or even their father, for 24 hours a day. The book explains how to use the technique and why it helps regulate the baby’s body temperature so that it can continue to grow, stimulates breastfeeding, and gives the baby a wonderful feeling of security and strengthened bonding.

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My highlights of 2007
My highlights of 2007
okay so my ibook has died and all my images from 07 are there many of which arent on flickr and yes i know im an idiot for not backing up properly. i dont have a card reader for my new memory card and had just been bluetoothing to my ibook which now i cannot do. im having flickr withdrawals so thought id work with what i have put together my fave moments from 07. if the nice mac tecnican can fix my ibook ill re-do this with other pics that for some reason didnt make it to flickr. so okay middle pic . . no explanation needed. this was my thrill of the year. the bungy . . . i surprised myself and all my sceptics by doing this and im so glad i did. clockwise from the top: christmas day: it wasnt the same as home but my girls made it a day to remember! out-iversay: nice to see how my life has changed in a year. im glad i made the leap from narnia! feeding the roos: one thing i wanted to do when i came to oz was feed a kangaroo. like many things on my list mission accomplished! fox glacier: my 2nd favourite shot of 07. that heli-hike was the best $500 my parents ever spent on me! a day i will never forget. the ice bar has to be included because of the jealousy this shot has caused in others! p!nk live @ brisbane entertainment centre need i say more! sarah and daisy, scarborough beach now theres meaning behind this picture this was my first day in australia, my first day on the beach and the day i knew my life would never be the same again. sydney went to sydney for mardi gras . . .awesome dolphin swim sarah has never been to swim with the dolhins and always wanted to as did i. so for her birthday i got us both a pass to swim with the dolphins at sea world. im so proud of this photo. perfect timing as i caught the dolphin splashing rah missy higgins live @ the tivoli missy higgins one the best things to come out of oz justin timberlake live @ brisbane entertainment centre thats my hands on the stage. i was THAT close zorbing YEAH BABY! and so there its is 2007 in a nutshell (or rather a mosaic!)
Mum, Dad And Baby On Alert
Mum, Dad And Baby On Alert
Wow! I didn't realise until I downloaded the pictures to my computer that the female kangaroo (right hand side of pic) had a joey in her pouch! This series of shots was taken at distance - probably 30 metres away, as these Eastern Grey kangaroos are wild and free, and extremely wary of people - and will bolt if they feel remotely threatened. I did extremely well to get this close! They saw me and I saw them from perhaps 100 metres away - the HUGE male, the tallest Eastern Grey kangaroo I have ever seen - I'm guessing about 1.8m tall (6 foot) was standing fully upright in the middle of this very large open field when I came from the Pound Bend river track to the bottom corner of this field. There was no way to sneak up - it saw me before I even opened the gate, so all I could do was to walk very very very very slowly......and keeping my head away from the roos, all the time hoping that this would allow me to get close enough to camera range. This strategy actually worked! I was able to close the gap between us to about 30 metres, still too far away with just a point and shoot camera, and no tripod, but at least I could get some shots! I was walking along the walking track on the western edge of this field, so I was only indirectly approaching the roos, who were some 30 metres from this edge. In fact I overshot the best position to try to convince the roos that I was not interested in them at all….don’t know that it worked that well, but I did get much closer than I thought I would! As I said, it was too far away to notice with the naked eye that the female had a Joey in her pouch. Warrandyte State Park, Pound Bend, Victoria, Australia

pics of baby kangaroos
pics of baby kangaroos
TY Beanie Baby - POUCH the Kangaroo [Toy]
Mint condition. All tags in mint condition and in place. No marks no wear she has never been played with. Comes to you from a smoke free environment.

Make a jump for this Joey and Mom! Pouch was born November 6, 1996. Her poem reads:
My little pouch is handy I've found
It helps me carry my baby around
I hop up and down without any fear
Knowing my baby is safe and near.
This proud mama is sitting up nice and tall so you can have a good look at her sweet baby. She is mostly light brown (as is her Joey) with cream inner ears and underbelly. Pouch has black button eyes and nose; her baby's eyes are black thread. This Beanie Baby is highly collectible, but if you're buying for a young child, be aware that while Joey is sewn in, with tugging he could come loose--and if removed from his pouch, he could pose a choking hazard. Surface wash only. --Peggy Etra

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