Mountain Buggy Baby

mountain buggy baby
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mountain buggy baby - Mountain Buggy
Mountain Buggy Car Seat Adapter for Urban Jungle/Terrain Graco Snugride, Black
Mountain Buggy Car Seat Adapter for Urban Jungle/Terrain Graco Snugride, Black
Directly attach the infant car seat to the buggy frame to let baby sleep between car and buggy. Urban jungle has four travel systems in total:1 - urban jungle Evenflo8482; Discovery travel system 2 - urban jungle Graco8482; SnugRide travel system 3 - urban jungle Peg Perego8482; Primo Viaggio travel system 4 - urban jungle universal travel system is compatible with the following car seat models Features:Can be directly attached to the car seatFour travel systems availableMade specifically to be compatible with Graco SnugRide8482;

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New Castle, Colorado 1912 . . . . . . ~~~~~~~~ Pg 3
New Castle, Colorado 1912 . . . . . . ~~~~~~~~ Pg 3
Long before my arrival in the small Colorado town of New Castle, it flourished as home for settlers, miners, and early pioneer trail blazers. As this original postcard reveals, life in 1912 was a far cry from the teaming community of 2010. The boarding house stands on the left, many years before Molly and Richard Yeoman began serving coffee at Molly's Cafe and 65 years before I arrived with my equally fervent need to make these mountains my home. As hard as my first winter was, I can only imagine the hardships of the early rugged settlers. At least, from this photo, it looks like they had electricity. These hardy souls must have worked tirelessly to survive the short days and long cold nights. In the mid-70s, when I arrived with my baby and VW bus, I found it no less challenging. Those nights when the wood was gone and the propane tank empty, the water would freeze and survival would still depend on tenacity and the Zen saying, "before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water". My young ego would have me believe I had already found enlightenment. But that chopping wood business was for the birds. The fabled Paul Bunyon would have laughed at the wisdom of using an axe like a tennis racket; loose at the handle, weight of the blade and speed of the smack ~ smoothly becoming a rhythm of balance and momentum. I was as surprised as any by how quickly I took to the daily task of splitting wood. Strength of character, 19 year old muscles, and with no other distraction than the will to survive, the tasks at hand were met. Water was only available by melting snow for drinking and the deliberate shattering of an ice covered creek. The same axe swinging movements, breaking a hole big enough to fill buckets and carry them up the hill for washing. Looking back, I wonder how we made it. The house began to collect an odd element of strangers, forced by the harsh environment to become a family-like unit. She taught me how to use organic ingredients, alternative flours, and a vegetarian diet, making Chris my first honorary "sister". The smell of dark rye bread, rolled in black caraway seeds, hot from the cast iron and nickel wood burning stove, paints a memory no photo could. Close your eyes. Even now, twelve thousand days later, the imaginary scent brings me home, to the very reason it was all worth it in the end. Home. We were a mixed and troubled lot, 5 very young adults, 3 children, 12 nameless inherited cats, two goats, Moonberry and Freedom Tree, and a bad, bad dog. Laura forbids me to tell you just how bad that dog would eventually turn out to be. She doesn't approve of the image of goat blood steaming from the white face of a blue eyed canine's snarl, glaring back at me from a snow covered trail. (still writing, hold that thought)
Mounted atop shopping carts, some seats for West Virginia babies.
Mounted atop shopping carts, some seats for West Virginia babies.
All you grocery-shopping West Virginia moms ("mountain mamas") ought to avoid the peely crumbling blue seats unless you've trained your babies not to put their mouths on things. But maybe sometime the nicer seats all will be in use & you won't have any choice? ----------- Outside a Kroger supermarket along the west side of Division Street (West Virginia Routes 14 and 95) in south Parkersburg, West Virginia.

mountain buggy baby
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