Motion Bed For Babies

motion bed for babies
    for babies
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motion bed for babies - ZupapaTM 2011
ZupapaTM 2011 New Updated Design 2 in 1 Baby Hammock Bassinet/cradle/crib/motion Bed Like Natural Womb with Dreaming Box
ZupapaTM 2011 New Updated Design 2 in 1 Baby Hammock Bassinet/cradle/crib/motion Bed Like Natural Womb with Dreaming Box

Originated from one mother's Love! Our best is for your precious most!

This new design baby hammock -the most natural bed with sweet dreaming box is the best gift for your newborn or forthcoming baby. Particular design and breathable soft fabric provide a snug womb-like sleep environment. Your baby is usually asleep within 10 minutes after being put down, with a gentle rocking, he/she will get relaxed, safe and your deep love. With the dreaming box, your honey will be cared by our sweet hammock even for almost one year old (within 15kg).

Updates of Our Baby Hammock:
Rubber stabilizers instead of plastic ones (high wear resistance and more stable)
5 points safety buckles (esp. for baby can turn over)
Spring clip secure cloth strap added (to secure the spring clip and avoid the tilt of hammock)
Add two cloth straps for Wood separator (to hold the wood separator)
The Head side is 10 degrees higher than the feet side (to reduce spitting)
Interlayer on the bottom for wood plate (to extend the sleep area, also reduce the tilt of mattress, can be removed)
An unique independent dreaming box (Dual use, also extend the using time of hammock for your baby)

Type Baby/Infant Care

Open Size 73(L) x 95(W) x 170(H) cm 28" x 37" x 66"`

? Steel: ? 38x1.2mm (black powder coating);

Hammock: 100% natural cotton , with mattress 82cm(L) x 41cm(W)x 85cm(H), 32" x 16" x 33"

Dreaming box 100% natural cotton, 80 x 38 x 18CM

The weight capacity: 15KGS (33 lbs)

Packing size: 119(L)*39(W)*16(H)cm 46" x 15" x 6"

N.W/G.W: 7.85/8.85KGS 16/18 lbs

Certificate CE

Packaging 1 carton box

83% (16)
Putting baby to sleep
Putting baby to sleep
One of my favorite parts of the day is putting my son to sleep. As far as spending time with him, I love being with him the most while he is taking a nap. Of course chasing him around as he rolls and toots all over me is a blast, and getting peed on while changing his diaper is pretty sweet too. But, it's when he is complelety relaxed and resting on me when I can hug and kiss him as much as I want, look at him and smile, take him in without having to fight him and his developing motor skills. I know he really can't control his arms yet, but I'm almost certain he is back handing me with little pudgy jabs on the sly. Of my wife and myself, I can put Joaquin down the fastest and easiest. I have a couple of tricks I use that might make the task of putting your baby down for a nap much easier. 1). Use a rocking chair! A rocking chair needs to be one of the main gifts you get when having a baby shower. It is a necessary tool, a must have in caring for a baby, of any early age. You cannot put a dollar number to it's value. Get one. Do it. If by some chance you do not have access to a rocking chair, you can either bounce or sway side to side, rotating at the waist, while standing up, or you can bounce at the edge of a bed. A baby craves that soothing sway of motion and a simple act like this can instinctively take them back to the movement within the womb. I prefer bouncing at the edge or corner of the bed while holding them and patting their lower back gently to that of standing. After a while your back will hurt. Definitely. Either way, in your chair or bed, bounce to a slow and steady beat in your head, patting them slightly. It is a great workout for your abs and legs as well so it should motivate you. Bounce your legs to get the total body motion just right...not too hard, not too fast. 2). Find a space that is comfortable and that has a little bit of noise. While comfortable is an obvious condition to prefer, a baby needs a little bit of noise while going to sleep. The logic behind this is two fold. First, it helps them get used to noise so that they are not easily startled when noises occur. Secondly, it helps stimulate their sense of hearing with new sounds while their other senses take a break. 3). Lastly, find a gentle and familiar lullaby to hum to them while steadily bouncing on the bed or chair, while holding them close and patting their lower back gently. I hum "Senora Santana" every time I put Joaquin to bed, or down for a nap. If I could, I would sing the words but I don't. Sing or hum the hymn or lullaby softly and sweetly, no matter how bad you think you sound. The baby craves your voice, company, and warmth. A special note...when putting baby down, have him rest his or her head in the crease of your neck. You can have them with their mouth facing toward or away from you. At any rate, make sure their face has plenty of ventillation. Also, don't get frustrated, no matter what. There are times I am going mad because he won't stop crying, or what I sually do isn't working. I will go over it more in another blog, but calm yourself by breathing slowly and steadily. Don't get excited. Understand that your kiddo just doesn't know how to calm down and go to sleep, even though that is the only thing they might want. If you have any tips or tricks, comment or blog about them here!! Happy parenting! DZV
Day Nine
Day Nine
She was much better behaved today. She slept in (relatively speaking) for daddy (despite waking up for two hours in the middle of the night), beside him not on him this time. Totally let Daddy empty and refill the dishwasher while waiting for her morning nummies. I even got to make myself some tea and eat a chewy apple bar (my usual breakfast). We played a bit until 9:15 since I was planning on going to Granville Island today as an outing and the kids shops don't open until 10:00. Since she had her breakfast later than usual (due to her sleeping in-ed-ness) I figured that if I changed her just before leaving I didn't need the diaper bag and could just rely on the emergency kit in the bottom of the stroller. We got down to the little granville island ferry dock where I had to detach the car seat from the stroller for the ride which led me to take this picture. Granville Island was fun as ever. We wandered around a bunch and looked at all the toys and fun stuff. I finally settled on the rattle and rabbit (see the previous photo) as well as picked up the Rockabye Baby! Smashing Pumpkins album. I also picked up some Kolbasa for dinner (we were planning on having perogies), asked a counter girl if she minded me taking a picture of her chicken feet (see the next photo) and an umbrella. I went into the umbrella shop and was all "I want to buy a simple plain almost obnoxiously large umbrella please" and the chick was like "Come this way". She handed me an umbrella that I would define as obnoxiously even had a build in wind flap! "Um I think this is actually obnoxiously large, I'm looking for the size just below this. I want it to be able to cover me, the baby and my spouse" She handed me the one below it. Purchases in buggy I hustle-butted home. The pedometer said I walked 8km but I'm a little skeptical that the ferry's motion didn't throw it off since it's motion detection and the bobbing (I totally just wrote: Boobing) prolly make it a little crazy. Upon returning home she napped in the stroller for like 10 minutes and woke up as the elevator got to our floor. Must be the pressure change or something. Every time she's sleeping when we get home she wakes up in the elevator as we go up (we live on the 19th floor). I tried to put her down after feeding her (and quickly wolfing down lunch) but to no avail. So I popped in Get Smart and she ended up taking an hour and a half nap on daddy. She would wake up and look around (to which I had to stifle laughter as she had my tank top lines on her face) and then fall back asleep. She woke up about an hour before Brandi got home and that's when the crankiness started. She waited until Brandi called me and then started to freak right out. Brandi was a little late due to a long running meeting and she was super glad to see her get home. Arms out and legs kicking like crazy. Brandi shot and made me shoot some pictures as an answer to the ones I was in yesterday. They can be seen on the Baby Isobel stream if you're interested. We also had a bubble bath tonight and she picked the dinosaur bath toys over the fishies. She went down fairly easily today. Some screaming and fussing but only for about 5 minutes or so. Just gonna choose some photos for our photo collage picture frame and then head off to bed.

motion bed for babies
motion bed for babies
Fisher-Price Coco Sorbet Soothing Motions Glider
Fisher-Price's Soothing Motions Glider provides motion for baby in two ways: side-to-side or front-to-back. This glider is so plush and comfy, newborns will love it from the start. The deep cradle seat with newborn insert offers extra support for baby's back, sides and head. It also features 2 position recline and 2 speeds, so mom can make everything just right for baby. And with the chair's comforting motion, you can choose from 8 soothing or 8 playful songs while baby gazes at the plush toys overhead. Soft flush pad is machine washable, the toybar easily removes, and there are non-skid feet to keep it in place.

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